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jakethescot 02-20-16 05:52 PM

A first. Just started a new campaign and on the first patrol I'm in AM26. I see an SO1B and go to periscope depth. At about 2500m, I fire one torpedo. It hits and there's a huge explosion. Get the 'torpedo impact' confirmation and am waiting for the smoke to clear, and it's gone. The ship just vanished. No ' she's going down ' or anything. It's just not there anymore. Didn't get a 'kill' either. I'm using NYGM and have been for a long time and have never until now seen this.

Hambone307 02-22-16 07:04 PM


L.z.s Calamity

Received orders mid patrol to travel to La Spezia for temporary reassignment. Have traveled through Strait of Gibralter without incident until now.
Submerged at 0500 to avoid patrols. Forced to stay under due to increased Destroyer activity.
At 16:10 five destroyers detected via hydrophone.
16:38 we were detected.
16:40 on reserve O2.
Crew ordered to bunks. Damage control team on standby. Trying to conserve oxygen.
18:20 Contact with destroyers lost. Surfaced to recharge batteries and replenish air supply. Minor damage from depth charges.
Proceeding to La Spezia.

Total 5x merchants torpedoed and sunk upon arrival at port.

New orders to proceed back through Strait of Gibralter to CG88 for 24 hours, and then return to France.

Jbmean 02-27-16 10:12 PM

I started a new career with a fresh gwx 3.0 install on a type II.

I've run a bunch of patrols, I love the mod, and I suck at tracking targets with sonar. Hehe.

I've been watching tutorials on the four bearing stuff. I'm not super fast, but I guess it'll come with practice.

The good news is I can avoid destroyers and trawlers once detected.

I need some kills, soon. I'm still rocking a type II and the IX just came out.


ivanov.ruslan 02-28-16 02:36 AM

As Jimbuna says, be more aggressive

Jbmean 02-29-16 01:48 PM

Finally got enough renown for a type VIIB. I feel like that captain in the fleet that everyone laughs at. Hehe.

I had a nice engagement with a convoy. Calculated the bearing, went ahead, parked, fired, evaded, rinse and repeat. I only sank one boat, though. I have to get a better angle on my salvos across the convoy to get more hits.

Also, should I try to use the magnetic detonator and fire just under the keel? I feel like my impact trigger torps aren't sinking vessels without multiple hits.

ivanov.ruslan 03-16-16 11:20 AM

A few kilometers before the head of the convoy, waiting to improve visibility

Fahnenbohn 03-16-16 11:24 AM

@ ivanov.ruslan : rusty IX submarine, hehe ... strange, the wind seems strong, but the waves are small (distorted image) ... watch out for radar ! ... this grey reminds me of something ... ;-)

ivanov.ruslan 03-16-16 11:33 AM

Heh, small, three days welcomed me like 4 storey buildings :)

Aha,New Env Mod F.

ivanov.ruslan 03-18-16 02:06 PM

Because the bad weather is not changed, i went on the attack


fumo30 03-18-16 02:46 PM

^Nice ruslan!:salute:

I had a bad day june 6th 1942 in my Vllc near east coast of Florida also in bad visibility. Wasted 3 torpedoes for a great lakes freighter.:down: 1st one was a miss, the second one hit, but that tin can refused to sink and so I had to fire the third torp for coup de grace.

ivanov.ruslan 03-24-16 11:09 AM

Ocean only Ocean No ships, no convoys nothing ....

Waves flooded deck and conning tower

Bow worship the ocean scary and focused

Fahnenbohn 03-24-16 12:44 PM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2392187)
Ocean only Ocean No ships, no convoys nothing ....

Well, the Atlantic is a vast territory ....

By the way, what skin are you using for your U-Boot ? i find it beautiful ... :o

ivanov.ruslan 03-24-16 12:50 PM

U-Boat IXC 40 (Skin Rust) Turm 3 from Uboat skin for German uboat compilation

BTW Fubar IXc late war skin is very nice too

But I could not find turm to him my taste

Fahnenbohn 03-24-16 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by ivanov.ruslan (Post 2392221)

British flag on the submarine ...

ivanov.ruslan 03-24-16 02:17 PM

Тhis picture is the description file to visualize the color,U 805

fumo30 03-25-16 01:20 PM

January 1943; We all died near that small island in front of firth of Lorient. :wah:I'm not sure what happened, most likely it was mine laid by enemy. I was well away from the German laid minefield that is presented in the harbor map.
Can anybody verify, that there really is enemy laid mines near Biscaya bay u-boot bases in sh3?

ivanov.ruslan 03-25-16 04:29 PM

Incidentally, a few days ago i sink a submarine, not far from Lorient

But I dont believe this is the reason :shifty:

fumo30 03-26-16 03:26 AM


I found this in the manual:

"Fair warning: GWX includes Allied minefields outside the Eastern Barrage, including minefields at depths where they will not affect surface ships but will affect U-boats at or below periscope depth."

So, I think that in theory it is possible to struck enemy mine anywhere.
It would be also fair the game to tell the player what hit him in the mission summary.

Nevertheless, the more realism, all the better. Thats how I like it.:up:
Its frustrating to die by a damn mine after all hair raising adventures experienced with enemy ASW forces from the very beginning of the war. But at the same time its rewarding to find that, this is what is really was about. Death lurking everywhere.

BTW, Congrats for sinking a pesky enemy sub.:salute: I tried that few times, but always missed. Its hard to make a proper solution not to have any information about subs in the recognition book...Well, if the seas are calm enough for the deck gun, or one have GNATs the case is different.

Hambone307 03-27-16 09:45 AM

Speaking of enemy submarines...

I was making transit through the channel (near suicide in 1943) in hopes of stirring up some stuff towards the end of a dry patrol. As I was approaching the coast of France, I dove to periscope depth and made a turn back north-northwest and got a hit on the hydrophones. Target was identified as a T-Class British sub. I fired a spread of 3 electric torps at a range of 3000m. All missed the target so in a fit of foolishness, I ordered emergency surface, ahead flank, and had the deck gun manned. We sank the sub with 40 rounds from the 88. :arrgh!:

Sadly, there were three destroyers in the AO that picked us up two hours after the attack. We limped back to base after being DC'ed for 20 hours. I still count this patrol as a success, even though my boat was almost scrap metal! :yeah:

ivanov.ruslan 04-07-16 10:37 AM

Difficult position in the quadrant CA

In the evening, while charging the battery was spotted purpose, medium transport.We fired a torpedo from surface position, which exploded in the ship's stern.We fired a few shells on the ship with deck gun to sink faster...

The u-boat continued on its course

In the morning we sent the bottom one minesweeper

The fight was brief

Spotted a large and fast convoy with course north -northwest

In the first attack and four fell into the target

Destroyers attacked with depth charges, but we managed to get out

The convoy slowly extends to the northwest and we deployed a new attack
Good luck!

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