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Arnold 06-01-13 02:27 AM

6 OCT 40
Patrol 10
14:09 Sound contact, merchant, medium speed, closing, bearing 002, long range. I plot a mark on the map 34 kilometers away, bearing 002. Come to depth 23 meters, maintain course and speed.
14:29 Contact bearing 021 degrees. I plot a mark on the map 34 kilometers away, bearing 021. I connect the plotted marks to obtain the aprox. course of the merchant. Battle stations, surface, full speed ahead, course due North.
14:33 New course 340 degrees, make your depth 36 meters, ahead slow.
15:02 Merchant identified as a British C-2.
15:21 Tube one, fire. tube two, fire.
15:22 Torpedo impact. Enemy unit destroyed. Make your depth 50 meters, speed 1 knot, return to course.
15:37 Both tubes, 1 & 2 reloaded.
18:00 I ask the radio man to put a record on the platter, "When you're smiling", by Billie Holiday. As the crew rotates the watch, I retire to my bunk. I have nightmares of men drowning. I wonder what terror awaits me, should I suffer the same fate of the men I killed.
Rudi Kruska, Lt. Sr.

Nerazzurri 06-01-13 05:56 AM

Just returned from my first patrol. 11 ships for 54,000 tonnes. It won't last.......:arrgh!:

maurice076 06-01-13 09:50 PM

I finally installed GWX3.0 and started a new career.First move....over the sub net at gibralter :) this should be fun!

edit:That was fun,little crowded though.Found a large convoy too.1st patrol 70,000+ tons.

cuthy2k 06-07-13 07:28 AM

From last night:

I have a little spot that I like to sit in off the coast of Northern Ireland, east of LondonDerry opposite the Scottish Island of Kintyre which has a pot of deep water.

I'm sitting there, using GWX 3 Gold picking off lone merchies early 1940 with the deck gun and larger ones using carefully aimed torps for 1 hit kills (hit the front mast, ship takes on water as it sails and goes down about 1-2 hours later).

Bored off the many ore carriers that pass through when all of a sudden sonar goes mental with many contacts approaching fast from the West heading into the safety of the British Isles.

I get into position, up scope... HMS Hood and a Revenge class battleship with 7 (yes SEVEN!) escorts. I consider chickening out and breaking off the attach, but then again, this opportunity dosent come along that often!

All 4 tubes flooded... 2 at each battleship. 4 hits! :o

The escorts then go mental! I fired from 4000m and as soon as the last torp left the tube I dived to 70m and headed in the opposite direction. A couple minutes later, an escort finds me and calls his brothers and sisters to the party.

3 hours RL they hunted me, depth now 150m. I tried every trick I could but there were 2 escorts sitting 1000 and 1300m away from the rest listening and coordinating the attacks for the others. The escorts were clambering over me like bank holiday traffic at the beach with lots of reversing and course changes.

I was only hit once, causing minor damage to the flak gun. 3 hours later, I somehow escaped! My tactic: sitting a few meters above the bottom on silent running and zero movement. The escorts must have gotten spooked by a false reading as they started DC'ing a contact a couple hundred meters away and kept at it. After 30 minutes of no sonar my way, I crawled off.

After all that, I didnt get one of the battleships who limped off with the decks almost awash :/\\!!

Arnold 06-22-13 10:50 PM

8 OCT 40
Patrol 10
Noon. Daily position report sent to Bdu.
1400 hrs. Changing of the watch. I order a dive to 40 meters.
1800 hrs. I hand a phonograph record, "Ain't misbehavin'", by Fats Waller, to the radioman. As the record begins to play, smiles break-out in the control room. The soundman, Hartwig Eckerman, frowns and shakes his head in disapproval. As we head towards the North Channel, the boat settles down to a monotonous routine. Between watches, the crew listen to the radio, sleep or play cards. My secret stash of American jazz phonograph records helps with morale. A recent inspection of the forward torpedo room bilge, by the Bosun, revealed an attempt to ferment a small supply of apple jack, using apples, bread and sugar.
So, we have an alcoholic on board.
Rudi Kruska, Lt. sr.

KptLtHansDampf 07-17-13 09:41 PM

After Karl Bukowksi, who managed to sink 9 freighters and 1 V&W-Class for 23666 tons in total from 01AUG39 to 27JAN40, the Type IIA named U-3 was handed over to Werner Koch.

Here's a summary of his first patrol (01FEB40 - 15FEB40):

Departing from Kiel and heading to AN46, the journey through Kiel Canal and the North Sea was kinda boring, and no viable targets shown up at AN46. After extending the patrol area, a Schoner was sighted at AN44, and quickly sunk with the Flak.

Shortly after that, at AN51 East of Firth of Forth, he stumbled upon a large convoy leaving the Forth heading east. U-3 shadowed the convoy for a few hours, and at around midnight the boat managed to slip through the escorts. Thanks to the calm sea and the clear weather a lot of juicy targets were on display. Werner Koch picked the two juiciest and fired three well calculated shots at excellent angles ... 20 seconds later the first torpedo exploded prematurely, 5 seconds after that the second torp did that too, and just 10 seconds later, yes, you guessed it, the last torpedo hit a mackerel or something.
Luckily the escorts looked at the wrong spots for U-3, so the boat slipped out of the convoy on the other side.
Werner Koch decided not to make a second attempt on the convoy and headed further south.

At AN72 east of Hull another Convoy heading north-east was spotted, but with only two remaining torpedos the risk was not worth the possible outcome. But within the convoy a single ship was heading south, and it turned out an Empire Type a few hours later. U-3 shadowed the Empire Type for a few hours, to ensure that no warships were in range. At 9 o'clock in the morning U-3 overtake the freighter, got into attack position, 90, 800 meters, and fired two well calculated shots. Both torps hit as intended, the Empire Typ slowed down to 1 knots immediately, showed signs of smoke from the impact areas and tilted 45 to the port side. And then ... nothing.

U-3 stayed for three whole days and nights 200 meters next to the tattered Empire Type, but this stubborn ship refused to sink. The use of the flak-cannon was not possible because the weather changed to extremly ****ty in the meantime. Werner Koch was thinking about ramming that rigid freighter, but a Task Force showed up, passing almost exactly through the position of the not-so-sinking ship, so the plan was given up and U-3 headed home.

So this first 15 day-patrol of Werner Koch netted incredible 17 BRT. *three thumbs up*

sublynx 07-27-13 01:05 PM

u-29 ktb

Kalach 07-28-13 06:52 AM

Completed 16 patrols from the start of the war.
On the 24th of December 1941 whilst about to attack a convoy we were detected by a destroyer that seemingly came out of nowhere. The first attack caused damage to the propellers, trying to limp deeper, the second attack damaged the electric engines now leaving us with a max speed of 2 knots. They attacked again causing flooding throughout the boat and killing a petty officer.
Unable to escape and facing more attacks the decision was made for an emergency surface and surrender.
Well off the start a new career :hmmm:

Decided to play with the surface WarShipMod, completed 5 patrols in a 1934 Class Destroyer so far (they're so quick when you only have about 3500km of fuel haha). So far I've only encountered and sunk small merchants and patrol craft, will be interesting to see how I go 1 on 1 with an enemy destroyer, or trying to escape from a big threat :) .

sublynx 07-31-13 03:44 PM

u 29 lost
From BdU's war diary on the 15th of November, 1940:

U 29 reported starting a low visibility surface attack against a slow moving convoy and has not reported since. The boat is considered lost.

LemonA 07-31-13 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 2093438)
From BdU's war diary on the 15th of November, 1940:

U 29 reported starting a low visibility surface attack against a slow moving convoy and has not reported since. The boat is considered lost.

Here in St. Nazaire HQ, we are all reeling from the shock of the rumors that u29 must be considered as lost - a total loss.
We from the navy headquators all know a convoy attack itsself is among the most difficult choices an u-boat captain can make. And under low visibility you need an expert on the hydrophones who is expierenced in the interpretation of multilayer sounds.

Once these facts of his last known position have been transmited we will start a reconnaissance flight.

I myself can imagine that the tragic loss of u29 could be in connection with Ebler's "pushy" personality and his excellent results last month. Maybe the very short vacation didn't do him to good.

Paul Riley 08-02-13 09:54 AM

I'm impressed. My thread seems to have taken on god-like qualities here with over 300.000 views :rock:
I will be sure to make some new additions again over the coming days during my new career.

Keep posted...

Fubar2Niner 08-02-13 10:09 AM

Patrolling off SE Iceland trying to find the Mighty Hood :arrgh!:

Warren Peace 08-02-13 10:30 PM

7 Sept. 1939.

U-117 (VIIB), 2nd Flotilla out of Wilhelmshaven.

On-station at the south of Ireland, patrolling areas BF11, 12, 14 and 15. Recently received orders to engage all Polish vessels and British merchant traffic, in accordance with international prize regulations. So far, negative contacts for British of Polish vessels, although numerous vessels of neutral countries have passed through the area. Hopeful that the heavy shipping traffic will soon offer targets, the men are getting...sloppy.

U505995 08-02-13 11:44 PM

9 Jan. 1942

U-109 (IXB), 2nd Flotilla out of Lorient.

One of the first boats to participate in Operation Paukenschlag, I set out of Lorient on the 18th of December and reached the US east coast by January 1st. I generally patrol within 44-60km off the coast line starting near New York in grid CA28. From there I sail southwards toward Beaufort then go back North again. So far a bagged one large tanker, two coastal freighters, and one pesky armed tugboat that raked me with a hail of machine gun fire. I'm about to make an attack on a large Merchant in grid CA52.

Fubar2Niner 08-04-13 07:15 AM

December 10 '39

U-49 Flotilla Saltzedel. Home port Wilhelmshaven.

Cast off November 5 at 03:43 hrs.

Weather for the most part horrendous.
9 November
Torpedoed and sunk an M13B cargo for 3473 tons. Grid AN 14

24 November.
Decided to head off the SE Iceland, hoping to spot the Hood patrolled for 10 days with no luck. Altered course to 320 degrees toward the Firth of Clyde, still cannot find my target.

December 10 06:35
Sunk a L01B for 9092 tons, grid AM 65 using deck gun. Weather still atrocious!

December 10 11:37.

Crawling my way into Firth of Clyde inlet.

richyrich 08-06-13 02:07 PM

Hi all. Just thought I would share whats going on in my campaign so far. 1st mission was lightly successful 2nd mission I came across a convoy,lightly escorted by mostly v&w destroyers so I crawled in unnoticed (it was night time lol) and smack in the middle of the convoy sat HMS Rodney, so I set off a salvo of 3 torps and turned round sharpish and legged it cause I had been spotted by some pesky small merchant, but I sank the Rodney, also sank 1 large tanker 1 large freighter and a whaleing ship, got hit a few times by the destroyers but made it home ok. 3rd mission drew a blank but 4th mission I hit 2 destroyers, and revenge type ship, got pounded for ages near scapa flow as a result of being detected while trying to sneak in and hit anything I could find there. Anyways, onto my 5th mission now. Have fun everyone, and good hunting :)

Warren Peace 08-06-13 02:37 PM


Update on U117. While tracking a large allied convoy, we were discovered by a warship that was unattached to said convoy. Successfully evaded after several hours. While surfacing to replace oxygen in bad weather, watch officer moron lit a cigarette on the conn tower (only explanation I can think of for aircraft spotting us in this soup). Our position was discovered by patrolling aircraft and the boat was subsequently sunk.

Will now be operating U-13 (IIA) out of Kiel. Need more practice before taking the larger boats out again.

richyrich 08-06-13 03:43 PM

Update on campaign
Trying to track HMS Hood just west of Rockall Bank, discovered by escorting destoyers, got my ass blown out of the water. Reloading game to try again lol

Tycho 08-06-13 04:56 PM

My first surfaced night attack! Full realism. From 1400m, 2 and 2 hits, electric torpedos, two ships sunk, escort failed to detect me, total success. I'm going to sleep, happy!

Neugeniko 08-07-13 12:20 AM

Hey all,

I just started a new campaign. Its been a while since i have played, years in fact. My first patrol was uneventful, peace time. I took the time to get to familiarize myself with GWX/OLC/ACM Reloaded and the two new exe patches. And run simulated firing solutions on passing ships.

My second patrol was a lot of fun. I patrolled WSW of England along convoy routes into Bristol. The first ship sunk was a tramp steamer, a magnetic shot in bad weather.

I received a map contact for a large convoy just 80 km away; looks like it was heading into Bristol. At 11 pm I positioned myself between the first column and the second. I planned to fire on three targets. Stern torpedo to a ore carrier in the first column, 2 bow torpedoes to a large merchant in column 3 and 2 bow torpedoes to a large merchant in column 4. That all changed as I realized the HMS Hood was in column 3! All 4 bow torpedoes on the Hood! As soon as all torpedoes were fired I dove for 100 m and crawled out at 2 kt silent running. Some time later i got the message that the ore carrier had sunk, no word on the Hood.

Setting up for my second attack at 3 am. I lined up the Hood again and a Large Merchant to the rear. The Hood was on fire, I wasn't going to let her get away. Four more torpedoes were sent her way, and soon she was down along with the large merchant. \o/

Having 2 bow torpedoes left i sent them into a Large Merchant on the third attack at 7 am.

All up about 70 k tons sunk. One torpedo left in the rear reserve, but after a successful convoy attack like this I decided to head home. Passing through the English channel again was sure to exhaust my still green crew.


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