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NightCrawler 08-21-12 01:56 PM

Mission 8
Mission 8

Boot: VIIB

Patrol Grid: BF 17

Came home with total tonnage 28580
Torped 4 merchant
1 Destroyer

date left port:12-2-1940
Date arrive port: 1-11-1941
U boot hull %:100
Reown this mission:595.95

Red Heat 08-21-12 02:21 PM

Personnel File:

Date of Birth: 12SEP13
Place of Birth: MAGDEBURG
Date of Intake: 01APR35 (CREW 35)





U-Bootwaffe Postings
10APR38 U-Boat Flotilla Weddigen (Commander training)
01AUG39 2nd Flotilla (9 patrols)

19JAN41 7th/13th Flotilla (4 patrols)
20AUG41 1st Flotilla (1 patrols)

U-Boat Commands
01AUG39 U-33, Type VIIB (9 patrols)
19JAN41 U-97, Type VIIC (5 patrols)

Status: In home base before patrol 15

Date: Friday, Oct 17 1941

Last patrol end: Sunday, Set 7, 1941

U-Boot: U-97, Type VIIC

Flotilla: 1st Flotilla, Brest

Next patrol grid: ET49

Last saved: Saturday, Aug 25, 2012 at 16:31

Totals patrols: 14 /377 days

Ships sunk/merchant/warship: 65

Tonnage/merchant/warship: 290371 GRT.

nutworld 08-22-12 07:17 AM

On Sept 29, 1939, U-30 and its Captain Leonard Krueger surrendered after being forced to the surface in the Irish Sea after being severely damaged in battle with a British A&B Class destroyer.

The patrol ended with 2 ships sunk for a total of over 5600 tons of merchant shipping sunk.

Buhring 08-23-12 08:48 AM

Narvik, April 1940
OLtn. Heinrich Buhring, U-99 (VIIB) - Assigned to Operation Hartmut, Apr. 1940

I penetrated the Olotfjorden just before our invasion forces.

I fought a first sqd. of English DD's trying to reach Narvik on Apr. 10. Four hits, three ships sunk, only one credited.

On April 13, we sighted the Warspite incoming wit an escort of some 8-10 DD's. They were coming in at 20 kts, probably too fast to have a good hydrophone performance, so I could maneuver easily in order to position myself in the perfect spot to hit the battleship.

2.800 mt. away, 2.700... 2.600... suddenly the enemy TF slows at 4 kts and steers 10/15° in my direction -- and my tactical position and torpedo solution go down in the sink.

I am forced to maneuver at high speed in very shallow water and wiht giant waves alternatively covering my scope and making my turret show out of the water. Enemy DD's start approaching, so i have to fire my salvo at some 1.900 mts from a nearly impossible angle. I miss with all four, even if at least one was on target (it porpoised some 50 mts. from the target) -- and have to outmaneuver the DD's who are getting the hell out of me.
No caution here, there is a BB to sink! Max speed submerged and I maneuver so that I can put some distance between me and the hunters, but also that I can bring my aft tube to bear. I fire again, at a distance of more or less 1,500 mt.: another near miss. My crew is reloading the fore tubes, and I still have to dodge the DD's -- but at least one of them gets stuck on the shallows. I get some DC, none of them too near (just some light damage to the obs scope and turret).

In half an hour I cant get my last attempt at the Warspite: I have duped the destroyers, who are depthcharging an empty spot a couple of miles behind me, so I have an unobstructed path to the battleship, who is starting to fire on our destroyers in the Narvik bay. So I can approach the ship and fire my last-but-one torpedo at the Warspite from 800 mts. This time I hit just aft of the B turret: a fire starts, but no immediate listing shows.

Then I have to run away from the destroyers, but I can see through the scope that the Warspite is still sailing East, towards the bottom of the fjord and engaging our ships. Many hours later, when the English DD's withdraw and I can re-surface, the Warspite is still there, on fire and heavily listing. Clearly the AI considers her sunk, because a nearby Zerstorer is not firing on her, but on the map she shows as a diamond, not as a sunk ship. Obviously I will get no credit from this sinking, but I am proud of having helped the comrades of the surface ships to do their job.

(Needless to say, ten hours later, when I am sailing away from Narvik, the Warspite steams past me, unscathed: I decide to consider it an hallucination of my third watch)

A couple of considerations on the engine limitations:
1) it is so annoying to sink a ship and see her alive and kicking again only because you have sailed out of rendering distance. I think some workaround should be found.
2) the tactical behaviour of surface forces is often utterly unrealistic. No capital ship would venture in a restricted water combat when damaged. In real war, the Warspite would have withdrawn with all her escorts.

grislyatoms 08-23-12 09:41 AM

Heading across the North Sea again...
After a couple year hiatus, I am once again heading out to tick off Churchill. Had to find all my old notes, files, mods etc. first.

sublynx 08-23-12 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by grislyatoms (Post 1925027)
After a couple year hiatus, I am once again heading out to tick off Churchill. Had to find all my old notes, files, mods etc. first.

I've been there :) It's hard work getting all the old mods and notes together and then getting acquainted with the new ones! Anyways welcome back and Gute Jagd :arrgh!:

VONHARRIS 08-23-12 12:35 PM

U-154 IXC
Realism 100% - Hsie realism pack v16B1

Patrol 18 log page 1 of 3

Patrol 18 log page 2 of 3

Patrol 18 log page 3 of 3

Patrol 19 log page 1 of 3

Patrol 19 page 2 of 3

Patrol 19 log page 3 of 3

Hull integrity after patrol 19 : 60%
I am glad I survived this.
In my previous career , I was DCed in the same area at the same time.

ijnfleetadmiral 08-23-12 10:00 PM

Departed Wilhelmshaven 22 January 1940 and patrolled assigned grid square for allotted time. Weather abysmal, so no targets sighted; had to cross Atlantic to get out of storm, which finally broke off St. John's. Headed into port itself and was quite pleased to find anchorage without torpedo nets. Sank a Modern Tanker and the Black Swan at anchor in the harbor (pretty much the only targets of value there) and then headed south. Tried to intercept a convoy, but no luck, so made directly for Halifax, going into the harbor itself. Once again, no torpedo nets (my officers all agreed that this was quite strange for a major convoy depot), so we managed to bag a second Modern Tanker. However, we failed to spot the ASW Trawler and the A/B-class DD that immediately raised steam and attempted to find us, but one fish from the aft tubes blew the stern off the DD and we managed to escape, this time back across the Atlantic.

We headed for home via the Denmark Strait, hoping against hope to possibly catch a British cruiser patrolling the luck. Tried the same with the Iceland-Faeroes Passage...nothing. Finally headed down the British east coast and managed to pick off an ASW trawler, but the weather was slowly closing in again. We headed further south and managed to escape into clearer skies, and we were almost off the northern entrance to the Channel when we sighted a Large Cargo escorted by an ASW trawler. Hit the merchant with three torpedoes and when the ASW Trawler came after me a single torpedo from the aft tubes sank her.

Decided enough was enough, so we headed home, arriving on 6 March. Was awarded the German Cross in Gold and the Knight's Cross, and also my first promotion. And the war goes on...

Dive! Dive! Dive! 08-24-12 03:22 AM

Started new campaign in a Type-II. Ordered to patrol a grid not too far from the Scottish coast and at a rather nice point. Had quite a bit of traffic from the Forth. Mostly just trawlers and other small boats until a small convoy of merchants showed their faces. I sank two before the north sea forced me under. Weather got even worse and soon it was pouring it down. With our 24hr patrol done with two kills, we decided to use up the last of our eels on any ships docked up the Forth. I then spotted 3 merchants and a destroyer :woot:. I fired first at the destroyer so that it couldn't tail me. Then with what we had left, sank two of the three ships. Out of torpedoes and not in any mood to waste fuel, we returned to base to recieve medals and promotions. Beer is on me crew...:arrgh!:.

grislyatoms 08-24-12 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by sublynx (Post 1925072)
I've been there :) It's hard work getting all the old mods and notes together and then getting acquainted with the new ones! Anyways welcome back and Gute Jagd :arrgh!:

Thanks! Feels good to be on deck again.:arrgh!:

Stark 08-24-12 05:18 PM

patrol off the west coast of England, merchants were easy picking if not scattered. After 2 confirmed sunk and attempts to intercept 3 others we ended the patrol due to lack of fuel, 10k tons to the deep!

grislyatoms 08-24-12 06:23 PM

1st patrol - 29877 tons, 10 ships. Hunted up and down the North Sea coast.

Incidences - Had a PT Boat approach at high speed off Hartlepool after a sinking. Evaded.

Morning light, jumped by unidentified aircraft same position return leg. Attack was utterly ineffective.

Several contacts with neutral vessels.

Machinist is fatigued all too easily. Will look for a replacement from the billet when we return.

Weather turned foul as we approached October. 15 m/s wind, seas confused, heavy lightning.

Pleased with the boat and the crew, for the most part. Watch Officers will recieve commendations upon return to port.

Disposition upon returning - ~33% fuel left, 1 stern torpedo, 60 deck gun rounds, no damage.

Returned to port after exactly one month at sea.

grislyatoms 08-24-12 08:21 PM

2nd patrol
2nd patrol - Heading for the grounds upon which we had so much success last trip - just off Hartlepool.

3 contacts thus far - 2 Norwegian, 1 Dane. Set up solutions on each, only to abort last minute. Frustrating.

Sea is flat calm, wind 4 m/s.

19:06 - on the surface, batteries recharging, full watch complement.

ijnfleetadmiral 08-24-12 10:53 PM

Our new patrol took us off Lerwick in the Shetland Islands. Found a C/D-class DD and sank her with an eel planted directly under her first stack. Blew the stack clean off and sank her in short order. Then sniped a J/K-class DD that headed to investigate the sinking. After another J/K-class DD was seen in the area decided to not push our luck and moved off.

Intercepted no less than TWO so-called 'Task Forces', which turned out to be nothing more than DD flotillas. Not wanting to tempt fate, we let them pass unmolested. Headed to an area off Lowestoft and managed to catch sight of part of a convoy. Sank a Large Merchant with two fish and disabled a Modern Tanker with a third. Then when the two escorting ASW trawlers moved to attack, we moved off, but kept the tanker in sight, later moving back in to finish her off. Currently attempting to intercept a REAL Task Force (and not a verdammt DD flotilla!) in an effort to emulate the earlier sinking of H.M.S. Rodney on our second patrol, but bad weather's closing in, so somewhat doubtful of our chance of success.

And the beat goes on...

ijnfleetadmiral 08-25-12 06:24 PM

Attempt to intercept task force failed AGAIN. Headed across North Sea and along Norwegian coast...NOTHING. Desperate for targets, made a pass at Barentsburg, sinking a Coastal Tanker and my first Whale Factory Ship at anchor. Was then FINALLY able to go home. Handed out awards and promotions to my crew and accepted the Oak Leaves to my Knight's Cross.

NightCrawler 08-26-12 12:52 AM

First Mission
Total Tonnages: 47512
7 Ships sinked:
3 Merchant
4 Tankers

Stark 08-26-12 03:48 AM

The crew was anxious as we sailed closer to our target, the days of avoiding patrols in order to get close enough had their nerves fried. Giving the order at 1800 the submarine sailed in the eastern entrance into Scapa Flow. After dodging the beached tankers we made flank speed under the cover of night to our target. At 21:23 we were within striking range of the harbor, spotting a large troop transport and a destroyer close by I gave the order to the Weapons Officer to launch the torpedoes. Turning the boat around to set for a hasty retreat I saw 4 large splashes through my para-scope, and sent the order towards more friendly waters. Beers all around when we reach port.

Total Tonnage
1. Troop Transport (x1)-9084k
2. Destroyer (x1)-1375k

grislyatoms 08-26-12 04:40 PM

Rethinking my idea to hunt the deeper water "holes" off Hartlepool and Firth of Forth. Popped out of my hole to pursue a sound contact. Yet another Norwegian. On the way back to my hole, very nearly ran over an ASW trawler in the dark. How they didn't see/detect us is baffling.

Going to use a little more caution from now on. :o

sublynx 08-27-12 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by grislyatoms (Post 1926570)
Rethinking my idea to hunt the deeper water "holes" off Hartlepool and Firth of Forth. Popped out of my hole to pursue a sound contact. Yet another Norwegian. On the way back to my hole, very nearly ran over an ASW trawler in the dark. How they didn't see/detect us is baffling.

Going to use a little more caution from now on. :o

I once had a collision with an armed trawler in 500 meters visibility. Luckily it wasn't totally head on but more of a scraping the paint of the type II and getting some minor hull damage kind of traffic accident. I just continued on the surface and lost the trawler to the fog. They did notice me, but I was out of visual range before they had finished turning. Luckily it was 1939 so they could not find me with radar :)

After that I made a habit of continually checking the area with the hydrophone, if there's fog. I haven't kept the habit though, so now I'm probably going to end up dead in a collision sooner or later.

After the enemy gets radar, staying surfaced in fog is suicidal. One needs to stay below or keep making hydrophone checks.

Andrewsdad 08-28-12 06:39 AM

U-48 Type VIIB Third War Patrol 18 May to 2 June 1941

Patrol Assigned Grid BE38

Afternoon of 22 May 1941 encountered a medium convoy with three destroyers escorting. Visibility excellent. Began to end around when the port side destroyer spotted my boat. Was forced to submerge, the destroyer was unable to find us. After dark I was able to slip behind the port column and fired one torpedo at a large merchantman in the second column. Range 2500m AOB: port 100 Gyro 50 degrees. Detonation was heard approx 4 minutes after firing. Ship hit was a small merchantman in the starboard column.

Fired two torpedoes at the trailing ship in the port column. Range 1200; AOB 180 (0) No hits observed.

Slowed to increase distance from the escorts and reloaded tubes.

23 May 1941

Maneuvered ahead on the starboard side of the convoy. Weather deteriorating, dark night, was able to close to 1500 meters from the enemy.

Fired one torpedo each at two large merchantmen. Range 1000m; AOB starboard 80; gyro angle 340 and AOB starboard 110; gyro angle 20. Observed hits on both targets which sank.

As dawn was breaking I maneuvered to track the convoy for the day and intended to resume the attack after darkness.

Visibility poor. Lost the convoy, It must have turned to port (south).

24 May Grid BE 62

Ran into the starboard side of a large convoy. Medium visibility. Ships in the near column were all small freighters, however the next column in had a large ammunition ship. Fired two torpedoes AOB starboard 90; Range 1500m, target speed 6k. Observed one hit which caused massive explosions. The ship sank in one minute. My boat was spotted in searchlights and starshells and forced to dive. Evaded three destroyers for one hour. Heavy seas made for poor detection.

26 May 1941

Seas moderated enough to strike the external torpedoes below. The last ones aboard. One forward and one aft.

Recieved message that BISMARCK needed assistance. Was approx. 4 hours away and set course in heavy seas with medium to poor visibility. At 0800 hours submerged to listen for contacts. Warships were heard bearing 90 degrees relative. Changed course and surfaced at Ahead Full.

0900: Lookout spotted ship bearing 300 relative. Was HMS RODNEY! One minute later HMS KING GEORGE V was spotted trailing in column. Both ships were seen to fire their main battery to port at a unseen target opposite me.

Submerged the boat and made ready the last forward tube. Enemy speed was estimated at 16 knots. As RODNEY had passed KGV was targeted. AOB starboard 80; Range 2000m. G7a type gyro angle 350d

As soon as the torpedo left the tube, lowered the periscope and went to flank speed and full starboard rudder to bring the last torpedo (stern) to bear. The bow shot missed ahead.. I overestimated the target speed so reduced the setting to 12k. Fired the stern shot AOB starboard 110; range 1800m. G7a torpedo ran to amidships of the target and PASSED UNDERNEATH THE SHIP! The depth setting was 6m and must have run at least 5 meters below its setting.

The shot was perfect. The crew was very disappointed and it was a long sail back to Lorient....

I bet some British tars soiled their trousers watching that torpedo go right at them !!!


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