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yubba 11-09-2020 11:41 AM

Old/New look Pt 109 Campaign has been uploaded
It is in the game play section of SH-4 Enjoy.

yubba 11-09-2020 12:55 PM

Known Bug
1. If you start in Manila Bay you'll be inside of a Tanker,, other bases seem to be ok.

yubba 11-22-2020 05:45 AM

Great news
You can load the PT- Yubba in the download section if you don't have it already over the PT-Campaign in the mod activator to get the twin 40mm as aft deck gun I might have another PT floating around where you can man it.

yubba 11-22-2020 03:58 PM

and after that
You can copy and paste this ,,,, Type_92_ReflectorSmall_base_JP after you delete the 12mm_Browning_ solog???? what ever,,, in the equipment file of your submarine PT-109 folder and you'll get to man the aft twin 40mm deck gun.

yubba 12-20-2020 11:52 AM

This will be tied ,, sub tender challenge
Trying to get resupply points closer to enemy traffic

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