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AG124 02-12-2006 05:50 PM

Warship Wrecks - Found Or Not Found?
A little off topic, but have any of the following capital warship wrecks been found?

HMS Courageous
HMS Glorious
HMS Barham
HMS Eagle
HMS Hermes
USS Oklahoma
USS Hornet
USS Wasp
USS Langley
USS Indianapolis
USS Houston
IJN Musashi
IJN Fuso
IJN Yamashiro
IJN Kongo
Or any Japanese carriers or cruisers, or Italian capital warships?

I know the following ships have been found:

KMS Bismarck
KMS Scharnhorst
KMS Blucher
HMS Hood
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Repulse
HMS Ark Royal
USS Yorktown
USS Independence
USS Quincy
USS Northampton
USS Atlanta
HMAS Canberra
IJN Yamato
IJN Mutsu
IJN Kirishima

The following wrecks were scrapped post-war :shifty: :

IJN Haruna
IJN Hyuga
IJN Amagi
IJN Oyodo
IJN Tone
IJN Aoba
KMS Deutschland
KMS Admiral Hipper
KMS Seydlitz
Italian BB Caillo Duillo
Italian CV's Aquila and Sparviero

And the following are still in shallow water:

USS Arizona
USS Saratoga
HMS Royal Oak
KMS Graf Spee
KMS Prinz Eugen
IJN Nagato
IJN Sakawa

I also heard that Robert Ballard searched for the USS Lexington and the four IJN carriers from Midway but did not find anything except a piece of the Kaga's flight deck. He also didn't find the Astoria, Vincennes, or Hiei (or any Japanese cruisers) at Guadalcanal.

I have also probable neglected to mention many, such as German and British light cruisers (the Edinburgh was found, for example).

And I have never been able to figure out what happened to the Graf Spee and Graf Zeppelin - there have been many accounts of their final fate (target, scrap, lost under tow, buried?).

Forgive me - I just felt like listing a lot of warships. :P :lol:

Etienne 02-12-2006 07:43 PM

Graf Spee was scuttled in the River Plate. There's a thread about it right now...

AG124 02-12-2006 07:58 PM

I know all about the Graf Spee - I've seen the thread too. :yep: Interesting.

I know what happened to all of the ships which I mentioned (i.e. how they were sunk). What I was wondering was if anyone knew which ones had been located on the ocean floor.

Torplexed 02-12-2006 08:18 PM

The heavy cruiser Houston must have been located in the Sunda Strait. The son of one of the surviving crewmembers dived on the wreck.

Hellcat 02-12-2006 09:09 PM

Was taking a look about concerning USS Saratoga and found this interesting history:

check out the pic at the bottom of her sinking...

Kapitan 02-13-2006 08:39 AM

You forgot the 2 world war veteran HMS Warspite

JSLTIGER 02-13-2006 09:11 AM


Salvage efforts were prevented by radioactivity, and seven and one-half hours after the blast, with her funnel collapsed across her deck, Saratoga slipped beneath the surface of the lagoon.

In recent years, the submerged wreck, the top of which is only 40 ft below the surface, has become a scuba diving destination, the only carrier wreck accessible to recreational divers.

Hmm...I wonder if she's still radioactive. Any of those divers come up glowing?

AG124 02-13-2006 09:59 AM

Yes I did forget the Warspite - she was broken up in situ.

The warships in Bikini Atoll are no longer radioactive (I am really sure they are not, anyway). They are now a popular tourist attraction for scuba diving. I'm not a scuba diver myself, but maybe someone here is, and has been there?

I also forgot to list the USS Arkansas in my list. :shifty:

It's too bad the surviving ships from Operation Crossroads were not sunk in shallow water as well - most were scuttled in deep water including the New York, Nevada, Independence, Pensacola, and Salt Lake City. The Independence was accidently located during some kind of research expedition near San Francisco around 1990. I believe the Pennsylvania was scuttled in relatively shallow water near Kwajalein, but she has also been reported to have been sunk off of Hawaii with the New York and Nevada.

Dowly 02-13-2006 10:33 AM

A little off-topic: What´s that 'leaking' from the USS Arizona??

TteFAboB 02-13-2006 10:46 AM


Marcantilan 02-13-2006 10:58 AM


Arizona has the bunkers full when was hit.

Actually, my last time in Pearl (around 1994) I saw petrol bubbles coming from the wreck.

Strange, if you think the ship was destroyed in 1941!

AG124 02-13-2006 11:20 AM

Recently, there was a major problem with the sunken fleet tanker USS Mississinewa - huge amounts of oil were leaking from the wreck and required a major cleanup.

Dowly 02-13-2006 11:41 AM


Originally Posted by Marcantilan

Arizona has the bunkers full when was hit.

Actually, my last time in Pearl (around 1994) I saw petrol bubbles coming from the wreck.

Strange, if you think the ship was destroyed in 1941!

That amazes me too! It´s been leaking for 60 years!? :doh:

Type941 02-13-2006 12:17 PM

someone here said those leaking oils from Arizona are called tears from the dead or something of that nature. obviously a metaphor.

Fitz505 02-13-2006 12:54 PM

There has been concern in the past few years, that as the ship begins to break up (hull is rusting away), there may be a major oil spill. Apparently, it's fuel bunkers were full, when it went down. Saw a program some months ago, that showed Navy divers doing an examination of the ship to determine it's condition.


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