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ET2SN 10-11-2017 01:58 AM

Maneuvering scripts?
Does anyone recall if anyone ever wrote mission scripts for SSBN baffle clearing or a "legit" Crazy Ivan?

Long term, I'd like to create some missions or a short campaign that feature the USS Lapon tracking a Yankee class boomer in 1968 ("The Ballad of Whitey Mack").
I need scripts so the boomer can change course/speed at random intervals. Thanks to RA and Ivan, we've got a nice controllable 637 and a nice Yankee but without the scripts it would get pretty boring.

I need three basic maneuvers:

- A rather complex baffle clearing that involves several 90 and 180 degree turns.

- A "legit" Crazy Ivan. Imagine two 180 degree Williamson turns.

-A "freaked" Crazy Ivan, a combo of the two above at high speed.

As a bonus, now that RA has fishing nets, would it be possible to drop one on the Lapon that requires you to surface and enter the bridge to clear it? :yeah:

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