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Oberon 08-16-10 04:37 PM

Bugger me...they look good. MS is going to regret killing off FS. :yep:

GSpector 08-16-10 11:52 PM

W:oW, X-Plane is really stepping up the game. I was so not impressed with X-Plane 9's World graphics but those screes are awsome.:D

Ubergeek87 08-17-10 12:19 AM

Yeah, I've also heard a rumor that there will be terminal buildings at some airports.

Oberon 08-17-10 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by Oberon (Post 1469519)
Bugger me...they look good. MS is going to regret killing off FS. :yep:

Microsoft must have heard me:

Flight Sim returns!

Arclight 08-17-10 05:14 AM

Yes, that was uncanny. :hmmm:

Wonder if it's a sim though, or what level of detail.

HunterICX 08-17-10 06:16 AM

They left out Simulator in their title.....:hmmm: perhaps they decided to go with a new title...or does it have a meaning.


Raptor1 08-17-10 06:21 AM

What's the point of a non-sim FS? Flying around for no apparent reason?

I think they're just changing the title because it sounds less technical.

Arclight 08-17-10 06:40 AM

"Social" seems to be the key word here, not "simulation".

I'm guessing they want to attract a bigger audience, jumping on the social networking bandwagon. Though there might still be a simulator somewhere in there, maybe a switch between "casual" and "simulation" like in DCS. :hmmm:

Raptor1 08-17-10 06:45 AM

So far there are apparently no details about it at all, so let's wait and see how it turns out. If they refrain from using words like 'accessible' we still have a chance.

Arclight 08-17-10 07:05 AM

Always a chance, sure.

They're not saying "accesible", but things like "inspired by", "compelling socially connected gameplay " and "reinventing".

I dun' want no reinvented, socially connected game inspired by FS. I jus' wants another Flight Simulator. :-?

It's tied to GFWL, so it doesn't exactly get the benefit of my doubt. :lol:

GSpector 08-17-10 07:23 AM

I just hope there is some kind of a carrer aspect to it but not manditory internet connection where I have to be social. Choosing to be s one thing but saying I can play unless I play with others always bothered me with a lot of the new titles Like Americas Army 3, Rise of Flight and I think DCS Black Shark also requires internet connections.

Arclight 08-17-10 07:41 AM

DCS? Nuhuh, 1 time activation for the DRM and yer done. ;)

Pain in the bottom, but it could be worse.

* think they patched RoF to the same system.

Crécy 08-19-10 01:40 PM

Another happy landing!

Dowly 08-19-10 01:41 PM

Looks like secret service ro******* to me. :DL

EDIT: sigh... R-O-A-D-B-L-O-C-K

TarJak 08-19-10 09:30 PM

Far to few screenies in the screenshot threat at the moment:

Some from my recent II/JG53 sorties

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