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frinik 08-12-2016 11:37 PM

TvT MMP7 Mod
Hello VAsemkii, I have the MMP7 mod which Murkz graciously offered to me about a couple of years ago after the whole team pulled the plug on the project. I have it installed and dabbled with it for 45 minutes. Undeniably it's great work the new sounds and camos are really good. Unfortunately as LIme33 very well said the AI is catastrophic, the game engine not very well optimized and very few people- except those willing to pay Zeewolf's steep fees - are interested in that game. Steel Fury was never meant to be multiplayer and Graviteam staunchly resisted any efforts to make it into an MP game arguing, probably rightly, that they just didn't have the resources to sustain MP which is very demanding for a small team of at most 8 people. Yes TvT is more immersive tank-sim wise than Steel Fury and has large maps but on every other score it's just way behind the times.

I'll be following your progress and I wouldn't mind trying the SP missions into co-op style. As a member of the fantastic group of modders who created MM5, 6 and 7 my hat's off to you!

Re having your ass handed to you by humans. Sometimes the AI can give it to you straight or even too much i.e Arma 2 with its all seeing and never-missing-a-shot AI. Even in Steel Fury I have been badly surprised by the AI outmanoeuvring me on many occasions.MP is fun I play BF3,BF 4 and Red Orchestra 2 MP but the communities can be toxic and many of the players are immature idiots or jerks... Arma 3 's community is a bit better though....


VAsemkii 08-13-2016 02:03 AM

Hi Frinik I have to agree the AI is utterly awful in TvT and the game engine was never optimised. They effectively released a Beta.

Steel Fury could have been so much more if they had spent the time on it too and added MP which is inbuilt in the engine they use.

But I will keep plodding away at it and see where we get, Tanking is a very small fraternity, (WOT not included in that statement I mean real tank sims) so it does not attract large crowds, which thankfully keeps the communities small and generally friendly.

ZeeWolf 08-13-2016 11:42 AM

TvT is good but could be great
Hi guys, :)
TVT AI "Catastrophic" and "utterly awful" not true. The truth is, although
the code for AI is lacking for now, highly sophisticated code could easily
be written as a class (in JAVA). It is not hard coded in the "Game Engine"
However, this would take time and effort from those who know how to
do it. :yep:

As far as "just behind the times" :o OK! But you miss what the original
developers were able to accomplish that made T-34 vs Tiger stay on
the radar screen today. :ping:
This simple observation back in 2008 is what enabled Project ZeeWolf to exist.

As for steep fees how about this: Since 2008 my rent has gone up almost
70% :huh:

So basically what I would like to say here, I am NO Mother Teressa nor
would I expect those who would produce something with hard work and
dedication to be either.

-Zeewolf :salute:

Pulstar 04-19-2020 01:11 PM

Reinstalled TvT recently, wasn't even aware of the MMP mod, and Zee's site seems to be down too.

Is there a working link for MMP 7.1? Thanks.

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