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Ulrich Kröpke 10-09-2019 10:08 AM

Wolfpack the most realistic U-boat game?
Before the British did not capture a German U-boat they thought that the boats cannot not dive deeper than 90 meters. So the maximum depth that could be set was 90 meters of a depth charge. And at the beginning of the war the most destroyers had no Asdic and if, their asdic was not able to find a U-boat in 130 meter depth.
But in Wolfpack that is all not a problem. In Oct.39 the destroyers have Asdic like in 1942 or later and the depth charges explode in 130 meter depth.
Maybe the handling of the german U-boat is realistic, but the rest?
As I said, the game is viable, but it needs to keep an eye on the realistic of the destroyers.

abaileyatd 10-09-2019 10:55 AM

Just remember that this is still (with any luck!) very early into development. I think if the game is properly supported by us nutjobs subsim fans, many more great things will come in time. Obviously the focus here so far has been on the operation and handling of the submarine itself, which is unparalleled in it's realism compared to anything that has come before.


Pisces 10-09-2019 11:54 AM

Yes, but it still isn't full realism. It is not a carbon copy of the Type 7 Uboat. Their idea was to allow you to operate the boat as a team and feel immersed in the experience. They don't want players to be bothered with each minute operational detail as in real life. It is still simplified even though it goes a step further than most other WW2 submarine sims in its fidelity.

abaileyatd 10-09-2019 02:24 PM

Of course anything simulated is going to be "simplified" compared to the real deal, so I'm not sure what your point is. The vehicle simulation in Wolfpack is obviously light years ahead of "press S", "press P" of any previous subsim... Just my opinion here of course, but it seems evident that this is by far the most detailed and realistic type VII sub simulation -yet-... Not trying to argue, just don't get why anyone would hold back from that previous statement...? :Kaleun_Cheers:

sober 10-09-2019 02:45 PM

Surely they could have early in the war less chance of depth charges below 90 meters . More chance later on etc . Same with asdic . If you dont ask the question then you wont get an answer . Glad you asked .

Pisces 10-09-2019 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by abaileyatd (Post 2631546)
... Not trying to argue, just don't get why anyone would hold back from that previous statement...? :Kaleun_Cheers:

I got triggered on 'most realistic Uboat game' in the OP. While it is certainly a step forward from press 'P' for periscope depth, they couldn't have made it complete with all the dive-tanks/valves and level measurement guages. Or fully accurate realism on the sonar/hydrophone side or whatever. It has to be playable so it's never like the real thing. And about the issue of detection range, aside from this game not even haven gotten to the play-balance phase yet, how can we be sure of what it should be?

abaileyatd 10-09-2019 10:53 PM

All good Pisces! Anyways, yeah I think the main point is that this game is still just a baby, very early into it's development. As to the OP's question, again remember this isn't SH6, this is a small dev team's passion project which is being incrementally developed. It's far from a finished project and I am sure over time other realism aspects such as specific and date based escort behavior will be addressed and refined.

Fidd 11-06-2019 05:45 AM

Until proper depth-charge fuses capable of exceeding 90m depth became available, the practice was to "soap" the fuses, ie to fill the external aperture on the fuse with a plug of soap. This delayed the operation of the fuse until it had exceeded the 90m depth, although it was not possible to "set" the fuse to a specific depth. All one knew was that it was probably/hopefully going off at 'more than 90m'.

This probably did not result in many, or indeed any, U-boat kills at 90m plus**, however, the relatively closer detonations would have done damage and kept the U-boat much deeper than otherwise might have been the case.

**it is hard to prove a negative or a positive in this case, unless the U-boat was forced to surface, survivors escaped and told their new captors at what depth they were hit. An exceedingly unlikely proposition!

Once fuses capable of 90m depth were developed, then one could draw a reasonable inference that if Asdic recorded the u-boat at 150m the fuses were so set, and the interval between release and detonation was correct, that it was a very near miss or hit.

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