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Fifi 12-11-2019 12:54 PM

Dark Waters V6

Dark Waters is a completely new version of my Fifi Compilation for OM+OMEGU.
Dark Waters is based on Operation Monsun (thanks again to Lurker) but without OMEGU to avoid those random CTDs we had.
Dark Waters has new environment based on OMEGU but quite different.
Many things has been re-worked, the list is too long to be here.

WARNING: Dark Waters is designed for 1920X1080 resolution!... and the use of METRIC in the realism settings (not tested on authentic/imperial)

You will need a fresh clean V1.5 install, with fresh clean Document/SH4.
Only 1 mod to activate! Original OM is included in Dark Waters.

Once Dark Waters activated, you will find in your Jsgme 10 optional add-on mods. They have to be activated after Dark Waters in whatever order only if you need it:
- OM Harder Escort L1 and L2, only one activated at a time AT CAREER START, to get harder escorts.
- OM Med and Pac Env, only one activated at a time in bunker, if playing in Mediterranean or Pacific theater.
- OM_SubFlag_When_Snorkel has to be activated to keep a static flag when snorkel equipped.
- OM U-Jagd if you want the U-Jagd chrono to find target speed instead of AOBF. Can be activated in bunker but best at career start.
- OM Warm Clothes if you want your crew with warm clothes for Atlantic theater. Can be activated/deactivated in bunker.
- OM Strategic Map Symbols will bring more accurate map symbols for mission objectives. Can be activated anytime in bunker.
- OM_UMark will restaure the external orange mark above your U-Boat while submerged.
- WIP U-Flak Career if you want to try suicidal missions...Activate it only to play U-Flak career at career start. Deactivate it to play regular career.

This is what you should get once Dark Water activated:

Don't forget to install Large Adress Aware as usual, and set your SH4.exe for NO read only...Dark Waters need some extra RAM!

Best play is no more than X1024 time compression!
Best is to adjust your settings in Documents/SH4/Data/Cfg/main as:


To access easily the AA crew slots in crew management page, just hit NumPad + Delete to hide HUD !!

Many thanks to the modders of FOTRSU, of KSD, of WAC5 as Dark Waters has imported elements from there.
Special thanks to Alx Novoros for his permission to dig into KSD.

----->DOWNLOAD V6:


ę Both the Typ VII and the Typ IX U-Boat will receive conning tower upgrades as the game proceeds. Every time I was awarded a new "Turm", the result was a submarine that could not move forward, or backward. A "Cannot comply" message was displayed instead. The crew screen showed missing and empty slots. This bug has been experienced and described before, and -as lurker put it- it is a nasty one. So from my experience a conning tower upgrade means end of your career. This is not acceptable.

How can you continue? Well, there is a workaround: You have to create a dummy file.

1.) Open your saved games folder (SH4/data/cfg/SavedGames), locate the folder that contains the autosave_on_leaving_base-file using the file creation date and time and make a backup copy.

2.) Fire up SH4 and start a new career. Choose date, type of boat and flotilla to match the state of your career as close as possible. Start a new mission. Save the game.

3.) From the new folder (the one you just created in the saved games folder when you saved the dummy game ) you will need the ActiveUserPlayerUnits-file. Copy it to the desktop and open the copied file using a text editor (i.e. wordpad)

4.) Open the ActiveUserPlayerUnits-file from the autosave_on_leaving_base-folder (Step 1) with your text editor

5.) In the AUPU-File from the dummy locate:

[UserPlayerUnit 1.Compartment 1. CrewMemberSlot 1]

copy this line and the following lines till

[UserPlayerUnit 1.UnitPartSlot 1.UnitPart . UpgradePackSlot 1]

near the end of the document.

6.) Replace the lines (Step5) with the content of the clipboard in the AUPU-File from the autosave_on_leaving_base-folder. Save the file.

7.) Copy the manipulated file to the UPCINitial Folder of the autosave_on_leaving_base-folder.

8.) Fire up SH4, choose "Load Game", open the autosave_on_leaving_base-File and play on. Your rank, medals, tons sunk and crew will be preserved and your boat will have the new conning tower.

Sounds complicated, but OM forces you to go through this again and again and practice makes perfect Ľ


12.SMA Mine deployment. Since it is not possible for me to recreate the launching of the SMA Mines from the mine tubes in the center of the Type VIID, you will be launching them trough the aft torpedo tubes. The .sim file for the Type VIID as been modified to support 15 SMA mines and to launch and reload them ever 15 seconds. You will find that you have one already loaded in the aft tube plus 10 in ready reserve, with the remaining 4 in the external storage. To launch do the following:

A. set ships speed to 4 knots
B. go to Attack Map
C. select tube 5
D. select manual TDC input
E.set bearing to 180
F. set desired mine depth
G. launch mine with fire button
H. next mine will be ready to launch in about 15 seconds

There is a more detailed set of instructions in the X:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific\Support\OM_Readme_files, look for SMA Mine Deployment.doc


Do not load SMA mines in Uboats other than Type VIID
Do not load SMA mines in the forward tubes of any Uboat
Do not load torpedoes in the aft tubes of a Type VIID

Once all mines out, in order to use again the chronometer (mines are figured by static torpedoes but their looking is real mines) you have to save/exit/reload and the chronometer will stop running without control, ready for further use.

My best Nvidia settings for Dark Waters:

Nice video from Leviathan:

Wolfpack345 12-11-2019 07:10 PM

This looks great! I can't wait to give it a try. Thank you for all of your hard work!:up:

lederhosen 12-12-2019 02:39 AM

loading now

Fifi 12-12-2019 03:20 AM

Donít forget to create new Documents/SH4 folder once Dark Waters is activated.

Keep in mind DW is designed for 1920X1080 resolution (not tested on other resolution) and for the use of METRIC in realism settings (not tested on authentic/imperial)

In graphic settings, best Is to deactivate Post process filters, Full scene glare, Light shafts, Volumetric fog wich gives pretty bad Rendering results...

Last thing, in museum (quite long to load due to hundreds of units) you should avoid to load any submarine ... still some issues for them in museum :yep:

Good hunting! :salute:

s7rikeback 12-12-2019 04:12 AM

Museum CTD's
Do not select these 2 ships in the Museum or you will CTD
- NDD_Adroit - fixed
- TO3A - fixed


Small repairs for surface ships:
- NDD_Wicher - no texture - fixed
- NBB_Rodney - AA Gun .sim - fixed
- NOM_Paula - missing Wake - correction .sim to raise in water - fixed


4 missing surface ships from Museum:
- NAux_LC - fixed
- NAux_SmallLC - fixed
- NCLT - fixed
- NLCT_GE - fixed


The Russian subs will explode and CTD if you do not move quick enough to next unit.


The German Subs have features missing and will CTD as you scroll through them, I think it's the forth inline ?!?


I upload to Fifi & propbeanie once completed.

lederhosen 12-12-2019 04:16 AM

up and running....looks nice thus far

THEBERBSTER 12-12-2019 12:07 PM

Hi Fifi
I see what you mean by the light as your new light bulbs cause a reflection on the instruments.
Is TC x 256 still relevant in regards to the change in the weather, or does this new version allow a higher TC to be used?

Fifi 12-12-2019 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by THEBERBSTER (Post 2640140)
Hi Fifi
I see what you mean by the light as your new light bulbs cause a reflection on the instruments.
Is TC x 256 still relevant in regards to the change in the weather, or does this new version allow a higher TC to be used?

You can go up X1024 :yep:
Weather is changing as usual, not long stuck periods.

lederhosen 12-12-2019 03:54 PM

your gona need a "pic" thread !

Thus far I've had 1 CTD, no big deal as I save every 24hrs.

Turm Emblems didn't show (U52)
And I noticed a graphic flashes (?) perhaps from sun reflection on the sea??

must say this mod loads very quickly, and looks great..... if you could only get the KSDII attack periscope this would be perfect

Fifi 12-12-2019 05:44 PM

Pictures thread already here:

A CTD? Really? Where/when/what boat/what circumstances please?

lederhosen 12-13-2019 03:22 AM

exact date/time I dont remember, but it was early July 41

U52, type VIIb.

My first patrol to AM01 (real KM map) or AM43 area in game.
TC was 256.
It seemed to me that a spawning event near my Uboot was taking place. The game seems to take a deep breath everytime something like this happens and then continues. But this time I had a CTD.

Relaod from last save and this did not occur (spawn) and PZ1 was a dud. 96hrs later and assigned PZ AL65 area. This time my PC shows the same signs, I drop TC to "1" and dive to listen. Sure enough sonar finds Konvoy, say within 22km of my position. U52 goes on to sink 6 ships.

Fifi 12-13-2019 03:30 AM

Have you installed correctly the LAA application linked to your SH4.exe?
Dark Water needs RAM :yep:

lederhosen 12-13-2019 04:57 AM

umm...I have a 4gb patcher thingy. will look for the LAA

Fifi 12-13-2019 05:36 AM

I think LAA is better than the 4GB patch for SH4...but propbeanie will correct me if Iím wrong :D
Make sure to get the right one (for 64 bits if your PC is 64)

propbeanie 12-13-2019 09:41 AM

There is no difference in the end result with either app, but the LAA version of it is written to the "modern" Windows GUI specs, and might be a pinch "prettier" and maybe a bit easier to use??... All that happens is a couple of bits in the header of the executable file are flipped, which lets Windows know that the targeted app is capable of addressing more than 2g of RAM, so whether you are using a 32-bit Windows with 4gig of RAM and also a boot.ini edit, or a 64-bit version of Win10 or whatever, the end result is the same. :salute:

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