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unterseemann 08-27-10 05:10 AM

U-125 type IX-C Kpt Lt Haguenau
Patrol 5:
Left Lorient 23JAN43
28JAN43: Sank irish tanker in north atlantic, valid target for us
6MAR43: After patrolling caraibean sea for 30 days (no ships), we left area.
8MAR43: Small convoy off brasilian coast, 1 escort 6 ships mostly american. Sank one medium tanker and a troop transport on the first attack (both american) for up to 15.000 tons. Escort not skilled.
Get in position for second attack...

39 days ingame without seeing a ship, i was starting to think there is something wrong

Zedwardson 08-27-10 09:08 AM

March of 1940,8th patrol, and my skipper had a nasty encounter with a Tribal class at AN16, U-27 almost didn't make it home.

The short story is:

Was getting around Northern Scotland to get in front of a large slow convoy out of Scapa Flow, and for once I had a convoy on the map with a full loadout of torpedos. was heading north when a Tribal heading south intercepted us, and spotted us just as soon as we spotted them.

Fired four eels as it got close, all missed, crashed dived to 70 meters (which was the depth as I was in a shallow bank in AN16. Proceeded to be depth charged hard by a very effective commander of the Tribal, and was sitting on the silt of the bottom dewatering and repairing and having my crew knocked around.

I was forced to go to scope depth as the boat was nearly crippled, and do to the escort making a long turn to avoid my stern steam torpedo, I was able to get two shots at 700 meters and both struck the Tribal class, and U-27 limped home to a hero's welcome and my first ever(That I can remember) Knights Cross.

The long one can be read at

Snestorm 08-28-10 03:19 AM

U64 IXB Patrol 6 8.AUG.41
Departed Lorient at 7.JUN.41 bound for DH41.
Our first 5 patrols resulted in 13 ships sunk for 70.828 GRT.

No ships sighted along the patrol route, or patrol grid.
On 6.AUG.41 we sunk our first ship.
A C2 Cargo for 7.949 GRT which was on a course for Gibralter.

Will spend some time along Jimbuna's Corridor (250 km W of Gibralter), before zig zagging our way north along the expected shipping lanes, which so far appear to be empty.

Zedwardson 08-28-10 11:40 AM

My Commander luck changed a bit, not damaged, but had a heck of a time with duds (fully 8 duds/unexplained misses) plus a bone headed move (Torp sent to too deep to hit a ship with impact pistols.) it was a combo of bad fortune. sunk less then 300 tons, in a convoy attack my main spread missed a large freighter to sink a tramp steamer that was behind it, and on my third attack run I put a steam torpedo in a old Hunt class escort.

Hans Friedrich is now going to be talking to BdU about a new boat as he has 10 under his belt with U-27.

Hans Uberman 08-28-10 01:39 PM

Haven't been up to much lately, as I took a break due to corruption of my last patrol save files. However, upon my return...

May 1941. The Hood has been sunk. The Bismarck soon after. We're on our way north from a patrol near Freetown. Heading towards Gibraltar, we note an incoming task force, heading NW from Gibraltar. Intercepting, we find three destroyers, a carrier, and a Renown class battleship. Having screwed up my calculations, I eye-balled the shots and hit the Renown with two G7a eels, and moments later she ran into my the Two G7e (T2) electrics that I sent ahead. Slowly sinking, but staying afloat, I fired off my two rear eels. They both miss, as the battleship's engines fail due to the previous damage. At a dead stop, she waited while I dove, dodged DCs from the destroyers and and reloaded an eel. After the reload, I returned to parascope depth and finished her off. We then dove to 150m, went silent, and went on our way. Revenge was ours!

Couldn't help but think that we'd get a lot of Renown for a Renown. (Sorry. :O:)

Kapt Z 08-28-10 02:13 PM


U-53 refitting at St Nazaire after 8th patrol. Grid BF15. 6 ships sunk for 32,293 tons.

Total tonnage sunk in last 4 patrol while under command of Oblt Fritz Heydemann- 21 ships for 107,887 tons.

Total tonnage sunk by U-53 since Sep39- 37 ships for 184,729 tons.

Zedwardson 08-28-10 02:15 PM

Well, Hans Friedrich call in a lot of favors, and is now commander of U-122, a Type IXB, his old watch officer took command of U-27 (I dismissed him and selected some crew to go with him) so with a lot of fresh faces, U-122 took a patrol out, with orders to return to France at the new sub base in Lorient.

Out on patrol, nothing, so headed to the the southern Atlantic coast of spain to see if I could find a convoy. Picked one up on headphones, and headed towards it for a night attack, and suddenly some clouds lifted, and I was in the middle of a large convoy. Wheeling the targeting around, I started to throw out torps as fast as I could find a target. Lo and behold, I had a Southampton class in front of me at 2800 meters, so I sent two eels towards it, and unleashed the other four at merchantman, since I was out of eels ready, I crashed dived as my work had been done, and the last thing i needed to be is run over by a merchant.

Four explosions followed, and my sound man confirmed three ships sinking. Then I suffered a horrific depth charging, at first they where well away, but a few hit up front, and I had dropped from 90 meters to 130 meters before dewatering stabilized my boat after the convoy had past, I came to the surface radio'ed home, and found some calm water and unloaded the stored torps and went back to hunting, had a another convoy come to me, and it was fun to see another IX attach the convoy, though it didn't last long of the surface, I misjudged the attack (Should of gone quiet and let them come to me instead of going after them, and twice attacked the convoy with three torps to merchantman, and leaving tube four to the charging escort(s) before crash diving. The 2nd time around I took out a Black swan, and I had a hit or two, but no sinkings, and with plenty of escorts and only two stern torpedo's, I headed home.

BdU informed me that I sunk a Large cargo, a
Granville-type, and the Southampton class in my nighttime attack, and now have Oaks on my Knights cross! :shucks:

Aug 1940, 47 ships sunk, 38 merchants, and nine warships, including the HMS Rodney and HMS Newcastle.

OSU 08-28-10 08:15 PM

U-45,a VIIB in the 7th Flotilla out of Kiel just finished her second patrol in October of '39. We got four ships with all torpedoes expended (I'm a terrible shot, still getting the hang of this manual targeting whiz-wheel doodad) and 20.075 GRT sent to the bottom.

Snestorm 08-29-10 01:55 AM

U64 IXB Patrol 6
We reached Jimbuna's Corridor (250 km W of Gibralter) on 9.AUG.41.

While attempting to overhaul a target for a daylight submerged attack we were interrupted by the RAF. A l a r m !
No damage was incurred, but the rest of the day, and the upcoming night, was spent moving further west.

The alarm came about at 07.53 in CG94. The merchant that was saved was on course 261 making 8 knots. So much for that bit of homework.

Schöneboom 08-29-10 02:24 AM

12 May 1943: U-536, Type IXC/40, 10th Flotilla. 9th day on patrol, intercepted large convoy between Madeira and the Azores. Clear and calm weather.

First attack, sank a 8000-ton Erzfrachter & damaged 2 other ships using our new FaT torpedoes. Black Swan counterattacked with Hedgehog & wabos, but lost contact and gave up.

Forward tubes reloaded. Now surfaced and overtaking convoy for second attack run before dawn.

Snestorm 09-03-10 06:32 AM

U64 IXB Patrol 6 complete
Completed operations along the Freetown / England convoy routes.
Patrol duration: 7.JUN.41 thru 14.SEP.41
All 14 torpedoes expended.
4 merchants sunk for 28.976 GRT (Exellent patrol for me).
All targets were sailing independently.
No contact with enemy warships.
Crash dived for aircraft 3 times.
Hull Integrity 100% upon return to Lorient.
Remaining fuel 25%+.

U64 carreer totals:
6 patrols.
17 merchants sunk for 99.619 GRT

Schöneboom 09-04-10 12:51 AM

U-536, 10. Flottille (Lorient).

14 Juni 1943: Refueled at sea with U-488.

7 Juli 1943: 2 Frachters sunk in ER83. Total: 12,000 BRT.

18 Juli 1943: In Grid DH5998, attacked by bombers. Flooding in After Torpedo, E-Maschinen, and Diesel compartments.
Damages: Diesels, E-maschinen, Compressor, Forward Batteries, Aft Hydroplanes, SB rudder, Propellers, Main Pump, Radio, Hydrophones, Radar, Periscopes, Antennas, Flak Guns.

BOLD decoys and Tubes 5 & 6 ganz kaputt (outer door blown off #6).

Surfaced. All engines off-line until repairs are completed.

Snestorm 09-04-10 05:30 AM


Originally Posted by Schöneboom (Post 1484717)
U-536, 10. Flottille (Lorient).

14 Juni 1943: Refueled at sea with U-488.

7 Juli 1943: 2 Frachters sunk in ER83. Total: 12,000 BRT.

18 Juli 1943: In Grid DH5998, attacked by bombers. Flooding in After Torpedo, E-Maschinen, and Diesel compartments.
Damages: Diesels, E-maschinen, Compressor, Forward Batteries, Aft Hydroplanes, SB rudder, Propellers, Main Pump, Radio, Hydrophones, Radar, Periscopes, Antennas, Flak Guns.

BOLD decoys and Tubes 5 & 6 ganz kaputt (outer door blown off #6).

Surfaced. All engines off-line until repairs are completed.

Made a reservation for you at the drydock in Lorient.
Now "all you have to do" is live to get there.
Good luck, Sir.
(Your adventures should make for some very interesting reading.)

Synthfg 09-04-10 12:44 PM

6 July 1944,

After hammering the dents out of the boat from our last patrol,
getting tubes 1 and 2 working again
and with the allies moving towards us from Normandy
we are finally fit to sail,

New radar detector fitted and a reasonable number of IV and V's available we set out from the docks at Lorient in the early evening, to immediately find ourselves in the middle of an american air raid,

We got a chunk of a B17, and escaped damage, the destroyer moored nearby wasn't so lucky

we set out for the channel in order to see if we can find any allied supply ships supporting the beachead,
Took out a wellington and a few kingfishers on the way round

only for the worst storm at sea I've yet seen in the game to brew up as I was passing Cherbourg (now in allied hands)

so far have picked up a couple of QR destroyers by firing homers on radar bearings

and then some idiot sailing a sloop crossed our bows, with the sea to rough to man guns we set on ramming speed and with the waves as they were ended up scooping him from below and dumping him to the deep, wonder if I'll get the kill credit ?

StarFox 09-04-10 07:52 PM

Just got back from Patrol 14. Had a great time, 46,000 tons of shipping sunk, including a small ocean liner and a troop transport I caught in harbor. Needless to say the harbor patrol was not happy, barely made it out alive.

Ran into a Convoy on the way back, fired 5 torpedo's, 2 hits, 1 dud, 1 miss and I never found out what happened to the 5th one. Did major damage to a small tanker, but his pumps got ahead and he never sank. Knocked the screw off a whale factory ship, but he continued on as well.

Ran out of fuel on the way back at 1/3. Ran the last few miles on batteries. Some idiot (me) forgot to check the mine and sub net charts when returning, I managed to snag a sub net before making it back to Lorient, could not free myself because I ran out of fuel and the sub was up in the air (slight flaw in the game, it thought I wanted to use diesels since the conning tower was out of the water)

In the end, we had to wait until the storm cleared and got dragged off by tugs. The collision cost me the forward batteries, and 2 months worth of repairs to the U-123. Can't Imagine the commanding officer was too pleased when he got that call.....

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