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bracer 04-19-2020 06:36 PM

Demo v2.0 manual
Hey everyone!

It's sooooon time for a new public demo!
I would still call it a simple tech/concept-demo and not really a game.
There is sooo much unfinished stuff still.

I was hoping to improve it a bit more before this demo.
It's released as it is now, because I am expecting my second baby any day now, so I might go AWOL for a while :)

Currently my Patreons/supporters are trying it out, and I'll optimize it a bit more.
Expect a download link sometime within a week.

For now, check the manual in the next post.

bracer 04-19-2020 06:37 PM


bracer 04-26-2020 09:07 AM

I have found that you will miss a damage report screen.
So I have added that you can press '6' to bring up a wip placeholder screen and see the current damage.
Click on the various boilers, turbines, shafts, guns and comparments to see its status.

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