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Fidd 11-19-2019 05:51 PM

Contacting U-boats from lobbies screen
Sometimes I see a lobby is in progress, but I can't find any of the players on discord, and therefore can't learn the password needed to join their boat or game, depending on the settings they've applied for the lobby and boat.

Suppose that from the lobbies screen you were able to contact any or all of the four U-boats in the selected lobby, then you were able to send them a morse wireless message which would arrive "from Bdu". The captain of the boat could then respond to you via the radio-room's morse key, (and dialling a frequency to Bdu?) to tell you the passwords to let you in, or, could block you, so that if you were 'acting the goat' and pissing him off, he'd not receive any further morse transmissions from you that session... Or perhaps, if he really didn't want to be bothered with such transmissions, he could turn them off, which would immediately also be notified to anyone trying to contact him via this method.

Onkel Neal 11-20-2019 06:30 AM

Good idea, thanks!

Fidd 11-24-2019 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2637264)
Good idea, thanks!

Having thought about it a little more, at the pre-lobby screen, the basic principle could be improved futher.

Basically the wannabe crewman wants to:
Indicate the roles at which he is competent*
Ask for a slot in-game for a particular U-boat
Learn the password(s) to do so.
Discover which Discord or TeamSpeak server they are on.
Indicate his 1st language and learn theirs.

The captain/radio op wants:
To see all the names and "qualifications" of wannabe crewman awaiting slots.
To filter them by if they are discord or team-speak capable.
To either initiate a message to a specific player, or all players with a particular skill-set.
Indicate his 1st language and learn theirs.
To be able to exchange text messages with anyone at the pre-lobby screen
To be able to block all requests and notify the sender that he's not taking requests.

So, any system which combines an interfaces with use of "radios" would be fairly powerful in terms of aiding captains accepting crew of a certain standard, or, training newbies if he wishes.

*competency, hours played in a particular role?

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