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[501]Otto 02-18-12 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by Crécy (Post 1841075)
Wtf, Otto!? Are those pictures really from a game?

Stunning! :o

P-47 is from IL2 1946, heavily tweaked with Photoshop, the background is a pic I have founded on internet. Mix them together, apply more PS...and it´s done :yep: . BTw, if you are interested in screenshot art making, take a look at , it worths!!
Otto ;)

hawk2495 02-18-12 06:38 PM

Ok I thought I'd throw my hat in again, just for the heck of it. This one I did as my signature in the forums for the gaming clan I belong to.. It's not purely flight, but it combines some things we all love...

The Corsairs, Hellcats, and Dauntlessessesese way the hell in the back were captured in IL21946, the Balao, well that's obvious, SH4 w/ TMO2.0

Oberon 02-18-12 09:49 PM

Niiiice! :yeah:

Herr-Berbunch 02-23-12 12:22 PM

I'd got one Sunderland, now somewhere out there is another one on it's last legs -

He tried to lure me down into the water but I had my wits about me and he ended in a watery grave.

Then sadly en route back to France my engine, with virtually no liquids remaining, gave up just off the coast, and I too went to my watery grave.

C'est la vie. :hmmm:

And finally - vill zis fool zem? We'll never know as I met another watery grave before reaching the British coast. :cry:

TarJak 02-24-12 08:24 AM

Clean your windscreen guv?

Kptlt. Neuerburg 02-28-12 03:27 PM

Heres some screenshots from my current German and French campigns in RoF
Thats one tough Eindecker!
Over No Mans Land.
Early Morning Start.
Dawn Patrol.

Herr-Berbunch 03-01-12 07:18 PM

Finally got a playable version of il-2 (thank you HSFX guys). Thought I'd take a P-51 to hunt V1s on a quick mission.

Look bits falling off something that isn't me :D

Got that, time to land. Found the mettled runway and made my approach, lowered my gear and... err, now it is my bits falling off - my round rubber bits. :-?

Only chance was a belly-landing and then!

Herr-Berbunch 03-01-12 07:27 PM

NOE flying in Switzerland, Harrier GR3. :rock:

Oberon 03-01-12 09:32 PM

You'll be joining us on Monday then Herr B?

Love the Harrier shots, what Harrier pack is that?

Also, FYI on IL2, try not to lower gear over speeds of 300kmh, it doesn't end well as you have seen, likewise flaps. Not sure what the MPH version is...I think about 140mph off the top of my head, trying to remember what it says next to the gear indicator in the Spitfire.

GSpector 03-02-12 12:31 AM

If the spped in Km/H is 300, then MPH = 186.41 :know:

I too have experienced the loss of aircraft parts while flying a bit to fast in the past, LOL:D

HunterICX 03-02-12 05:12 AM

Lower Flaps only when under 300 Km/h
Lower Gear around 200 - 220 km/h (around 130 - 140 mph)

and I think you might want to setup a Game profile in your Nvidia control panel for IL2 1946 to crank up the AA and AF settings for that you're letting that card sleep while playing IL2 and ofcourse the game will look a lot nicer and smoother when you've enabled that.


Herr-Berbunch 03-02-12 08:07 AM

Aargh, reinstalled it all this morning but forgot about the 4.10.1 patch, can't seem to find it. 242 points me to softpedia but that links somwhere eternally timing-out. Anyone know of another location?

@Oberon - the Harrier is Wilco's, but I still don't have FSUIPC installed yet so the nozzels move but thrust isn't altered. Another thing on my to-do list. It's very stable to fly - maybe that'll change with the thrust direction. I know the GR3s weren't easy to fly IRL, many lost on the runways of Wittering and Wildenrath (have you seen what Siemens have done to that place!) so I was expecting a bit more of a bumpy ride. Had it for a while but only installed a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the speed advice guys, and I'll tweak nVidia's CP :up:

Dowly 03-02-12 08:21 AM

Did you try the links on the official thread?

Herr-Berbunch 03-02-12 11:40 AM


Originally Posted by Dowly (Post 1848469)
Did you try the links on the official thread?

About 30 seconds after posting, obviously. :damn: I meant to pop back and edit but got distracted with skins, conf.ini changes, and CP settings to try tonight. 4:3 be gone. :D

Or maybe PAYDAY first, see if I can open that damn door in Heat Street.* :hmmm:

*just kidding, I know how to open the door, just press fffffffffffffffffff...

HunterICX 03-02-12 11:58 AM


Originally Posted by Herr-Berbunch (Post 1848545)
4:3 be gone. :D

to get IL2 into widescreen:

in the config.ini

width=xxxx - set to native monitor resolution
height=xxxx - set to native monitor resolution
EnableResize=1 <- set to 0
SaveAspect=1 <- set to 0

still the menu will have these black bars on each side but in-game it's widescreen.


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