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Task Force 03-04-09 07:49 PM

yea. first two are training missions.:yep: veary good campaign.

Fyi. ui 1.1 comes with the tigermoth and fw 190 a3 already.:up:

TarJak 03-06-09 06:04 AM

Catfish 03-06-09 04:51 PM

trying to post ... ****, 3rd try ah the img brackets did it !
two shots from OFF p3:

New mount after more than 15 years - RedBaron3d was the first to have those planes

Nieuport against Albatros. This one is from Rabu, not me.


TarJak 03-07-09 03:56 PM

'Twixt Day & Night:

Oberon 03-11-09 06:18 PM

The first recorded test of Project Orion:

Raptor1 03-11-09 06:33 PM

I think they might have taken that concept of nuclear propulsion a little too seriously...

Fincuan 03-11-09 06:35 PM

Just goes to prove that stalling is never a good thing :D

Raptor1 03-12-09 12:29 AM

A few screenies from the infamous Jet carrier landing mission

The Raptor landing, and resulting loss of half the squadron:

The Oberon landing, due to slight miscalculations:

The Schroeder landing, right before the cataclysmic explosion:

Might have some from the dogfight later

Oberon 03-12-09 09:20 AM

XD That was a crazy sortie, at least I know the rough limits of the YP-80s stress boundaries now :yeah:

And the dogfight was hilarious, Schroeder...what can I say... :nope: :haha:

Dear oh dear oh dear :nope: :rotfl:

Oberon 03-12-09 11:24 AM

Very nice :yeah: :rock:

Raptor1 03-12-09 12:22 PM

Some pics of the dogfight

Your suffering shall exist no longer, it shall be washed away in Atom's glow:

Xabba being not very nice to civilian aircraft:

The epic Fi 156 vs. Me 323 battle:

And finally, Task Force shamefully shot down by a Sturmovik:

Sorry I couldn't get pictures of Oberon being shot down by a C-47, might get some if I get through the track again, nor the defeat of Task Force at the hands of a P.11

Task Force 03-12-09 03:09 PM

@raptor. Only reason you killed me is because I went into a flat spin. (and all the rest you and I did head ons (in which we both died.):yep:

Raptor1 03-12-09 03:11 PM

You went into a spin while fighting the Sturmovik, that counts as being shot down

Besides, I did hit you and you were smoking

Then you crashed into me while I was in the Stuka and you were in the Ta 152, after that I killed you fair and square with the P.11 (At least, I'm 99% certain it was you, with the late-model Hurricane)

Task Force 03-12-09 03:24 PM

yea that was me. I forgot how maneuverable the p 11 was.:shifty: But if i would have gotten on your tail... those he shells would have blew you to pieces.

Raptor1 03-12-09 03:31 PM


Originally Posted by Task Force
... those he shells would have blew you to pieces.

*thinks back to the Poland 1939 campaign*...I vouldn't be so sure...

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