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Task Force 11-02-08 09:43 AM

I also remember the second flight, I had raptor (taxi way commet) pulling up behind me.:huh: Thank god he didnt gun it.:lol:

Raptor1 11-02-08 09:49 AM

My PBN Nomad was a sure winner, if the thing could take off... :damn:

Sorry again for busting the game yesterday

Task Force 11-02-08 10:03 AM

cant wait for tonights flight.:arrgh!:

Raptor1 11-02-08 12:04 PM

Weirdest dogfight ever, Nomad vs. Emily (Sorry for the low-quality, damned Fraps):

Nomad draws first blood (or avgas) by cracking the Emily's fuel tanks (Which seem typically fragile)

Nomad sprays the Emily with .50- and .30-cal machineguns while the Emily's 20mm cannons cannot hit the quick and nimble Nomad (:p)

I think the pilot must've been dead at this point (Probably of laughter)... the Emily soon crashed into the sea

Biggles 11-02-08 12:43 PM

An interesting dogfight...


Kratos 11-02-08 05:22 PM

Lone fighter above the storm clouds, somewhere in North Afrika. The Mareth-line campaign continues ;) I thought it was supposed to be hot and sunny? :oops: It was snowing and blowing a bloody Hooly, the old crate nearly didn't make it off the ground.

Biggles 11-02-08 05:40 PM

I think it's such a shame that IL-2 doesn't have the Mk1 Spitfire. I think they're more interesting in their early stages.

Valantine 11-02-08 08:24 PM

If you go to the "Dark Side" and have mods there is a Spitfire Mk1 available and it IS damn good and well balanced too!

Task Force 11-02-08 08:28 PM

Yes, I love the dark side.:lol:

Dowly 11-03-08 08:43 AM

I love boobies..

Kratos 11-03-08 09:17 AM

Fritz thought it was a good idea to go head to head ;)

I came off worst,it was only a scratch...err well a hole ;)

Limped back to base with Fritz and his two wingmen in hot pursuit, but the anti-aircraft guns scared em away when they got close to the airfield. All patched up and ready for payback.

Jimbuna 11-03-08 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by Dowly
I love boobies..

Snap!! :lol:

Dowly 11-03-08 10:00 AM

Kratos 11-03-08 04:41 PM

All patched up and in the air again, no aerial combat for us lads this time. Must be punishment for the (minor) damage we done to the Spits last sortie ;)
So we have to pound some ground targets :cry:

success though,we completed our mission without any casualty's (thats got to be worth a few brownie points) :p

Task Force 11-03-08 04:49 PM

:huh: is that a moded campagin or a regular one.:D

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