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azn_132 05-14-07 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by Chock
Falcon Allied Force is indeed a very good sim, but it has a steep learning curve. As you may know it is basically an update of Falcon 4.0. However, the original Falcon 4.0 came with what most people regard as one of the best printed manuals ever for a sim/game (it's huge - has 27 chapters!).

The recent update, Allied Force only comes with a tiny manual and a pdf, so learning how to use all the systems of the F-16 is quite a task, however, it's not impossible, as the pdf manual is quite comprehensive and there are many websites etc where things are explained.

Allied Force is probably about 90 percent accurate in its portrayal of the systems on an F-16, you can even start the thing up the same way that you would the real thing! To most propellerheads this makes it their dream come true, but it does mean that it can be a bit daunting to a beginner, nevertheless, you can ease yourself into it with simplified settings and such.

Although the graphics are not absolutely up-to-the-minute, that does mean it's a great game to play online with your buddies, very smooth, and doesn't require a super-new computer to run okay either. However, it can be tricky to get up and running online, so I'd recommend using Hamachi to emulate a LAN with it if you want to play online and have problems getting it to work.

Got probably one of the best dynamic campaigns of any flight simulation ever too.

If you don't want to be able to work every switch in the cockpit however, it might not be your thing, but it's fairly cheap to buy, so why not give it a try? One thing you won't be, is disappointed.

Any other good modern flight sims besides this u kno Chock?

Dowly 05-14-07 01:25 AM


There really isnt any other modern flightsim that comes even close to what F4:AF is. One you could try is Lock On: Modern Air Combat.

Lzs von swe 05-17-07 09:44 AM

Just to give you fighter pilots a view from the civilian side of things:D
This is not recommended in an C172:p

CCIP 05-17-07 10:21 AM

The moment I saw that, my "oh crap" sense was tingling :doh:

fatty 05-22-07 06:29 PM

Dowly 05-24-07 05:00 PM

Dan's in troubles

Hunter's in troubles

Dowly's in troubles

Joea's in troubles

Hunter Vs. Dowly


Sir Big Jugs 05-24-07 05:09 PM

If only game graphics would be this realistic...:lol:

Dowly 05-24-07 05:14 PM

Wait a few years and the graphics will be VERY close to photoreal. Just take a look at STALKER, in the intro a guy is eating chicken and the texture looks 100% real. I didnt even know that it was possible to get that real looking things to a game. ;)

HunterICX 05-25-07 03:55 AM

:shifty: Dowly, you finishy flying ferret

NEXT TIME DOWLY NEXT TIMEEE!! (Dc.Claw Voice of inspector Gadget)

Dowly 05-25-07 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by HunterICX
:shifty: Dowly, you finishy flying ferret

NEXT TIME DOWLY NEXT TIMEEE!! (Dc.Claw Voice of inspector Gadget)


Dowly 05-28-07 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by HunterICX
:shifty: Dowly, you finishy flying ferret

NEXT TIME DOWLY NEXT TIMEEE!! (Dc.Claw Voice of inspector Gadget)


Chock 05-28-07 01:32 PM

With regard to the question about modern sims other than Falcon AF, there is this one on the way....

Chock 05-28-07 05:25 PM

Here's a few nice screenies from Wings over Europe, another modern one that's a bit simpler than Falcon:

:D Chock

Jimbuna 05-29-07 04:49 AM

Love that last pic Chock :rock: :up:

Kratos 05-31-07 08:38 AM

first vid
I also dont see the point of making new thread for this: so heres my first attempt at making a flight vid. comments and critisism welcome...NO dowly!!! no comments on the flying :p..

halv't sussed how to get link to play direct so copy/paste into browser:oops:

fatty 05-31-07 08:39 AM

Nice photos Chock. I posted a Wings over Vietnam composite just a few posts above. They're fun little games eh?

danlisa 05-31-07 08:44 AM

The link works fine.:up:

Yes, I did think you were going under it. Why Not? :doh: It can be done.

Good first effort.

I'll see your Dare Devil and raise you......(:damn: where's that link)......brb.

Ah ha! - &


Jimbuna 05-31-07 09:09 AM

Nice flying err...D...D...D...Dan :oops:

danlisa 05-31-07 09:13 AM


Originally Posted by jimbuna
Nice flying err...D...D...D...Dan :oops:


[Disclamer - Credit given to proper Flyer as I'm quite happy that he's shooting Hunter down more than me at the moment, long may it continue:lol:]

Jimbuna 05-31-07 09:32 AM

I'm suprised the little ferret didn't jump in :nope:
At least I was diplomatic and didn't 'toot' :D

Actually, I've still got the clip on my pc (alongside another file of some drunkard making a fool of himself) :rotfl:

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