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Aktungbby 04-27-2017 07:22 PM

Old Panzer Elite player here!
I just discovered 'something new' after 20 years of playing Panzer Elite!:know: In the Italian campaign in the Castel di Sangro Scenario, the mission of Zug Falke is to advance and cover the refueling and return to Castel di Sangro against overwhelming Allied armor of stranded KG Wetzelberger which is to be resupplied with fuel by KG Steiner.. Both KG's must return to Castel Di Sangro with 50% Of Wetzelberger to successfully complete the mission requirement for victory. In the course of fighting with my Panzer IV-H holding off a flanking movement and adroit directed fire of my three Panzer VG units well to the rear: the radio announces the refueling is complete and both units are returning... then that Steiner has arrived IN Castel Di Sangro. Shortly thereafter one hears that KG Wetzelberger has arrived AT Castel di Sangro but no end to the mission appears...Sure enough as my Zug (100% required) returns to Castel di Sangro for added points (under cover of heavy rain:up:) there is damn KG Wetzelberger: stopped just short at but not in as time for the scenario runs out-resulting in total failure- a subtle distinction. Seeing this and generally pissed off, I amusedly ordered my unit three to blast a unit of KG Wetzelberger's four stopped vehicles on the road just short of the town roadsign. To my utter amazement the remaining three vehicles (75%) 'lurched forward' slightly thus arriving IN Castel di Sangro: accomplishing a glorious victory! :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up: I just know this info will be of enormous benefit to some die-hard like me out there on his ol' WIN 98 computer!:O:

33lima 04-28-2017 12:50 PM

Your didn't formerly use the 'callsign' Stugumby, by any chance?

In any event, Ostpak Redux (beta) is now available if you get tired of being a 'D-Day Dodger in sunny I-tal-ee' (it does also upgrade that and other theatres)...

...and Britpack 44-x will be along in a while...

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