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BootsmanBoof 09-04-2009 09:01 PM

Yes, thankyou so much for GWX as it is. It is possibly the best mod ever made for any game in my opinion, and the work that went into it is just incredible.

Even after SHV comes out, I can assure you GWX 3.0 will still be on my PC, and played with regularity.

Kudos to the entire team, thanks for making SH3 from a good game into the most excellent submarine simulator in the history of mankind.


AtlantikEel 09-05-2009 10:03 PM

Thank you, GWX Team!
For taking a good game and making it into a great one ... and then making it even greater, again and again! :)
Echoing FIREWALL, BootsmanBoof, and the rest, GWX 3.0 will stay on my rig permanently, whatever comes in SH5.
Best wishes to all of you, for the future. :rock:

Linavitch 09-06-2009 03:15 PM

It was a pleasure to sail with you.

many thanks for all your hard work.



GoldenEagle8 09-07-2009 01:01 AM

Thanks, you guys made a good game amazing. I'm gonna miss hearing what impossibility you made possible. Good bye, and good luck in your future ventures.


Adam84 09-07-2009 10:17 AM

Thanks for creating one of the greatest mods ever made for a computer game in GWX 3. It's about time you lot had a break!



kiwi_2005 09-07-2009 10:59 AM

awww Kpt Lehmann that was so heartbreaking your one for words have you ever thought of taking up a Dear aunt column in a newspaper or online even! :DL

Nah seriously GWX was (is) a great mod even though i started late in playing it, GWX 3 that is.

But for me i was personally blown away at what the GWX team did. Before that i was playing GW 1.1 or something which didn't stay on my hdd for to long as i went from game to game like i do. Recently i was tiring of SH4 thought what now oh I should try this GWX 3 out so i did and on my first patrol I came face to face with a British sub lurking outside lorient waiting to sink me i knew i was in for a hell of a ride. It so impressed me that i uploaded the mod to rapid share & Ive only done that to one other mod so yes gwx did a well done job.

GWX team probably did the right thing with SH5 in the making besides skipping SH4 gwx means maybe down the line SH5 GWX :hmmm: :)

Von Talon 09-07-2009 11:25 AM

Thank you! GWX will never be forgotten! :salute:

Brewtality 09-08-2009 04:53 AM

Thank you for all the great work you did, I honestly think Ubi should hire you guys. Seriously.

SHIII was made unforgetable by you guys, and I send you my eternal gratitude.

ichso 09-08-2009 06:21 AM

I think, UBI Soft should be glad for all of your efforts too.
You kept many players playing the game - where the vanilla version would have been forgotton for some time, the GWX project kept so many people playing, looking for new releases and also kept them interested in the series as a whole.
So GWX practically was a great advertisement for upcoming SHs as well.
And if the Dev team watched this forum, I think they learned a lot about what this community is looking for in a sub simulation and took some if not many ideas from the GWX contents as well.

kstanb 09-08-2009 11:52 AM

Many thanks to the GW team

SHIII_GW amazing mod was the main reason I learnt to play with manual targeting/ no map update 100% realism

I hope you will be back SH5

Gotmilk 09-09-2009 02:36 AM

Now only thing to do is to hope that SH5 will be worth of GWX death. I hope that GWX did not die for nothing.

I salute you superheroes :salute:

LeutnantWerner 09-09-2009 08:48 AM

Thanks to all of you, it was an honor for me to serve with you and GWX team on the high seas!

piri_reis 09-10-2009 08:44 AM

Thank you GWX Team, for many days and nights of hard work to create this very special experience. It has been a pleasure and a fun history lesson to play your mods, and I'm sure I'll be playing for years to come.

I salute you all! :salute: :salute:

ivank 09-11-2009 04:21 PM

So what about that type VIIA? is she going to be discarded?

Kpt. Lehmann 09-11-2009 08:43 PM


Originally Posted by ivank (Post 1170434)
So what about that type VIIA? is she going to be discarded?

The disposition of various works created by the GWX Dev Team with the intention of release within GWX4 will remain completely at the discretion of their individual artists and authors.

Give them time and space guys.


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