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Onkel Neal 12-17-2008 12:18 PM

Mystery Subsim #79
Here is the initial shot of Mystery Subsim #79

Be the first to guess correctly the name of this subsim or naval game and have your name added to the prize pool.

If you guess, and you are wrong, then you have used one of your three wrong guesses alloted to each player. Each player gets only three wrong guesses in the whole contest before your participation ends, so guess wisely (if you are really sure). If you don't know, don't waste a guess! :) You can only guess incorrectly three times in the contest.

You cannot EDIT your post in this contest. An edited or deleted post counts as a wrong guess.

Remember the rules!!

If no one tries to guess this shot, or no one guesses correctly, there will be an expanded shot to follow.

Good hunting!

Onkel Neal 12-17-2008 04:13 PM

Expanded shot #1 of MS#79

A different piece of the same screen.... :hmm:

Good hunting!

mookiemookie 12-17-2008 04:16 PM

Sea Dogs

Schultzy 12-17-2008 05:01 PM

Yeah, it's sea dogs, having a warm by the tavern fire. Damn, ya beat me I knew this one :lol:

Onkel Neal 12-17-2008 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by mookiemookie
Sea Dogs

Indeed, Sea Dogs

From the review:


If you spend much of your gaming time conning a 688 subsim, take a step back in time. No, don't stop with a Silent Hunter WWII sub or an Aces U-boat. Go back before the dreadnoughts of World War I. Think way back, back to the time of wind-powered naval juggernauts and men with swords and bad attitudes. The era of pirates, buccaneers, barons, and wenches. High technology consisted of rope, cannon, and canvas. Now you're ready to plunge into Sea Dogs, a spirited and imaginative sailing game. It's quite evident that Sea Dogs is a different kind of animal. Not a pure sim, it is a blend of three genres--part naval sim, part role-playing game, and part strategy game--that, in total, capture the essence and action of life in the Age of Sail. Set in a fictional chain of islands known as the Archipelago, you play the character of Nicholas Sharp. Sharp, a corsair who has just escaped from a Spanish prison, bears a comforting resemblance to Mel Gibson in The Patriot. The major powers in Sea Dogs are the British, French, Spanish, and pirates. You may choose to ally yourself with a nation by taking a Letter of Marque. Your alignment with one nation impacts your status with the others. Naturally, having just fled Spanish internment, you are not very popular with them. Pirates hold no loyalties with any nation, with you, and for the most part, each other. You can make and break alliances with logical consequences. Sea Dogs offers non-linear, virtually unlimited gameplay in an unexplored world where you're free to roam.

Look out, two in a row. You're one away from your Ace status. :up:

Mystery Subsim #80, coming soon!

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