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smithcorp 11-11-2019 04:59 PM

Twitches from the corpse?
After months or years of quiet, SES seems to be stirring. They put some posts on their Facebook page, started responding to comments and support requests and relaunched web pages and a forum.

I posted on the forum and tech support actually helped me to change my product registration email and get a new password.

I will try to redownload and play Jutland and Distant Guns tonight, but for those hoping to get their games working again, there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Go here:


Lixma 12-08-2019 12:46 PM

I managed to get both Jutand & Distant Guns up and running but only just.

Some things to note - I cannot get either game running if I use the desktop shortcuts or by running from the .exe in the folders. They MUST be launched via the Stormpowered client - i.e. right-click menu from the games list.

For anyone having trouble you must give Stormpowered time to breathe (so to speak). I'm sure it's just a case of it not being too friendly with modern systems but when you launch, say, Jutland, it will appear to do nothing for maybe 20 seconds or so - leaving you to suspect it's crashed. But it will eventually fire up. This is also the case for the automatic update to that Jutland attempts on first launch after installation.

TLDR - Just leave it alone :p2: chances are it will fire up when ready.

I'm playing Distant Guns right now - once you turn of all the 'arcadey' triangles and damage meters cluttering up the screen and adjust the ocean/environment graphics setting to something a bit less garish it can look very nice.

But we really need to get this game over to GOG or similar - they'll sell a ton more copies than while it's currently on life support & saddled with Stormpowered.

Randomizer 06-04-2020 01:14 PM

If this constitutes necro-posting, apologies in advance.

Long time customer and StormPowered hater I recently fired up Jutland and DG again and after tweaking some of the settings have it running quite well. This in Win-7 using Win-ME/2000 emulation and running as administrator. I also added LAA to the game executables, which "seems" to have helped during large actions.

The games will always have problems; the decision to use trajectory modelling for the gunnery simulation was ill-conceived and poorly executed and I say this as a former instructor of artillery ballistics and not a player. One result is a gunnery model that provide results mostly unrepresentative of either the games' eras. The less said about the difficult to master GUI the better.

The campaigns are fatally flawed in part at least due to the tendency to teleport forces back to their starting points after an action where one side successfully breaks contact.

All that said, if you can master the GUI, the battle games can still give a couple of hours of naval entertainment. After a re-read of Geoffrey Bennett's biased but still eminently readable Coronel and The Falklands and one too many lagers I took the plunge and ordered the Jutland Map Pack-1, which covers those battles.

This was on Sunday, and sure enough the StormPowered store took my money but refused to activate the DLC. I opened a support ticket and went to bed resolving to contact my credit card provider the following day to get a refund. Much to my surprise first thing on Monday AM, there was a polite reply to the ticket and assistance offered.

Given that there was more than a little snark in the text of my original ticket, there was none of the hostility that were features of the Jim Rose era present and by Monday PM local, all was running as it was intended to run. The speed of response and assistance was altogether unexpected and provided a pleasant shock.

So it may be that Jutland and DG are under a new management, which at least appears to care about their customers. Given the dismal relations that existed between the sellers and the buyers in the past, this cannot be a bad development.

While I usually get my naval warfare fix from Steam and Iron, this latest tinkering with Koger's games has proven to be fun. Still hate StormPowered on principle though...


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