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mhj1992 05-17-2022 07:12 PM

Dot Mod / Epic Mod w/ 1990 or 2004 Campaign ?
Has anyone successfully used either mod with the extra campaigns ?

I have modded CW a few times manually but I cannot seem to get either mod to work with either the 1990 or the 2004 campaigns

Any advice ?

Aktungbby 05-17-2022 08:29 PM

welcome back!
mhj1992!:Kaleun_Salute: after a long 'silent run'!:up:

Cy-Fox 05-18-2022 01:07 PM

Well we don't discuss Epic Mod because it's restricted from discussion due to Epic's illicit use of other projects content without permission.

As to DotMod, I'll let their team give some insight.

Firebar 05-22-2022 12:42 PM

The 2004 campaign isn't updated to work with the newest release of DotMod, we've moved to a slower release cycle so I am hopeful it might get some attention soon.

If you have a degree of familiarity with CW modding you should be able to tweak the 04 to work, but it will need some significant updates.

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