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Deutschmark 05-03-14 11:48 AM

Canvas Knights WW1 Game
Hi all :)

I am here to inform you about a new WW1 game called Canvas Knights its not a hard core simulation but it is enough so that one can get immersed in it and is out it will run as a demo and can be downloaded here;

In this game you not only get to fly you also get to drive ground vehicles like tanks and so on it is air, land, sea and under sea user vehicles with their proper physics for each kind of vehicle, this is a online off line game and right now the server can hold up to 24 players, I would like to give you a few screen shots then the links to the game stuff.

There is also add-on planes and vehicles that can be downloaded here;

Many skins that can be downloaded here;

Also add-on off line missions that can be downloaded here;

The game is modable and there are modding tutorials on the forum as well as help.

So come have a look download it and a play around with it.

I hope you enjoy it.

Aktungbby 05-03-14 02:20 PM

welcome aboard
Deutschmark!:Kaleun_Salute: On the occasion of your first very informative post! I cant wait to climb into that Fokker DR I! I go back to the Red Baron days!Can you post more shots?

Deutschmark 05-03-14 03:15 PM

Hi Aktungbby, yes I also go back to the Red Baron 3D days even mad mods for it that the ones still playing RB use to this day.

Ok more screens of Canvas Knights


Nieuport 17

Pfalz D3A

Sopwith Pup


More in game planes

3D look at being in a trench in CK :)

Things to come in the full game

I know this will hit the harts of a lot of people here :D

Artillery fully working user operated vehicle.

Even a full skeleton frame Sopwith Camel that can be downloaded as a add-on now :)

How is that :salute:


Aktungbby 05-03-14 10:03 PM

This is the only safe view of one of these when your in that Sopwith Pup cockpit! At a museum south of my residence. Check out my album for more real WWi goodies! love the additional shots thanks :up:( Don't let the U-666's first emblem scare you! I chose the second one for my avatar. That crew had a 'wicked' if fatalistic attitude about their u-boot number. These two are the also the first two models my dad made for me back in the 50's!

Jimbuna 05-04-14 05:50 AM

Welcome Deutschmark :sunny:

CCIP 05-04-14 12:13 PM

This looks like a very fun project, welcome to Subsim! :salute:

Deutschmark 05-04-14 01:10 PM

Thank you for the welcoming :)
Although I been a member of the site from 2012 this is my first posting.

The making of Canvas Knights has been in the works for about 4 years now, its one programmer who designed and owns the game engine, myself that has done all the 3D and most of the 2D for the planes and some other vehicles and ground objects and all the concepts to the game and a few guys that are on my team that have done 3D, 2D, map making and mission making.

The programmer / game engine owner had to take a extended leave of absence because of some real life things going on with him, so not wanting to leave everyone hanging he made a cut version of the game that only airplane and ground vehicles work so that I could give it out free as beta to anyone that would like to try it out while we wait for the full game to come out that will also include ships, subs and lighter then air vehicles.

The game even being beta is fully modable for airplanes, ground vehicles, maps, ground objects, missions and skins, so we have this free beta that we all can enjoy right now while we wait, also anything that is made for the game while it is beta will still work in the full game as the full game will be nothing more the a EXE update to allow for the other kinds of vehicles said above and the few options settings that have been set and locked for the beta game.


Deutschmark 05-12-14 03:42 PM

Hi all,

We have some new vehicles out today!

CK's Ground Vehicles Release.

These are the new Canvas Knights user operated ground vehicles.
These can be use in online and off line game and if you play off line then you will need these in your game as mission makers will be using them in new missions as moving ground targets, so these must be in your game so the new missions that use these will work for you.

There is 14 vehicles in all 7 each side.

Allied Trucks.

German Trucks.

Allied and German Staff Cars.

Allied and German Motorbikes.

You can get them here;

Hope you all enjoy the new vehicles.

Jimbuna 05-12-14 03:51 PM

Was that Napolean I saw in the third image? :)

Deutschmark 05-12-14 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by Jimbuna (Post 2206471)
Was that Napolean I saw in the third image? :)

No! that's lord admiral tutu :D
You know them English lord's they are always wearing funny hats... :)


Aktungbby 05-12-14 05:11 PM

Indeed! Adm 'Jackie' Fisher &Co. Ya need more feathers!:yeah:

Jimbuna 05-13-14 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by Deutschmark (Post 2206480)
No! that's lord admiral tutu :D
You know them English lord's they are always wearing funny hats... :)


They still do on some ceremonial duties :03:

Deutschmark 05-18-14 02:58 PM


Convoy Missions Pack 1 is now up for download.

These are missions where you can either hunt convoys in your Bristol F2B or Hannover CL3, or you are able to be the machine gunner on a truck in the convoy and protect the convoy from incoming planes.

You can get it here;


Deutschmark 05-20-14 06:42 AM


Have your first look at Canvas Knights FE2B!
Still much to do on it like gun, bombs, gages, pilots and other animations plus damage model, so about one more weeks work and she will be up for download.


Deutschmark 05-25-14 10:04 AM

The RAF FE2B for Canvas Knights is now up for download.

You can get it here;

Hope you all enjoy the FE2B.

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