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yubba 12-24-15 07:52 PM

why thank you very much,, before I proceed, when I put jsgme in the game it all ready had the compass and english mod already there never had that happen in any game I've installed that in,, well I'll see what I can do with this intel ,, thank you again and Merry Christmas

33lima 12-25-15 03:41 PM

That's strange indeed. I may be getting mxed up with more recent experiences with SABOW's updater, but I have a vague recollection from my early days with SF that it used a JSGME-like mod enabler routine, to apply the unofficial English patch. If your install is an old one, that may be why the patch shows as enabled. Either way, short-term pain in the backside maybe but probably best to wipe the slate clean and start with a clean install, rather than enabling STA on top. And thanks, Happy Christmas too.

yubba 12-25-15 08:25 PM

1 I downloaded the game from amazon 3 days ago 12/22 installed it played it worked fine.

2 put in jsgme mods activator 2 days ago out my stash of mods that I had on a flash drive to my suprise it had compass mod and english{something or other} already activated,,, got the tiger mod from media fire and activated it,, it turned every thing Russian and did not work so I took it out,, I also deactivated the compass mod and the english thingy it had a pop saying it couldnot fine files and asked if I wanted procede I did the game is still english and works fine..

3.I went to that site that you linked and registered last night they said they'd e-mail me a key to login haven't heard from them may be you might have put a good word in for me

33lima 12-27-15 10:37 AM

Give me a call back if you haven't heard in c.24 hours and I'll PM Lockie about your account at the STA forum; can't recall what the registration drill was when I registered, been a while.

Successor to the NTA mod, Steel Tank Add-on is definitely the one to have; I wiped my second install of SF with the older SPM mod a while back.

SF's AI still has some rough edges (too aggressive), platoon command and control is somewhat limited (and map-based) and intra-platoon comms are nil (fine for Soviet tank platoons, which even in 1944 sources say had transmitters only in platoon leader or above tanks) but it's still a great WW2 tanksim with a fantastic selection of playable vehicles (there's even a mission for the BMW R-75 motorcycle combo) and now some for NW Europe as well, like this one based on the ambush sequence, from the movie 'Fury':

yubba 12-27-15 11:23 AM

Thanks 33Lima,, I shot off an E-mail to them, yesterday, explaining my delemia,, I probably shouldn't have tried to register christmas eve night got hung up in registration limbo, haven't heard back from them, I apperciate the help,I've gone about everywhere that said they had mods Tanksim and graviteam,, was unable to download ,, like I said mediafire had that tiger mod in the public download, got that but it didn't work.., I don't know if you fly, sims I mean,, I think I've seen you over at combatace,, I'm the guy that got the B-1B up and running in SFP-1 plus did some other nick nack stuff there,,..again thanks for the help..

yubba 01-09-16 11:06 AM

help with sound please
well I got the sta mods ,,, how I manage that I couldn't tell ya more like acceident,,, well any how the sound mod is more elusive,, I'd settle with the names of the sound folders,,, like in engine sound - for the sherman and the tiger series ,,, and for shot sounds for the 88s and the sherman guns .. I'll just make my own sounds I managed to use the stuart engine sound for the General Lees also could use the name of that gun,,,thank you

33lima 01-09-16 01:49 PM

OK good luck with that! I see what you mean, the Sound Mod 2 link doesn't seem to work right at the moment.

yubba 01-09-16 02:43 PM

33lima could you please look in your Sound/Shots folder and see if there is a sound file that would be related to the tigers 88 gun and repost it here or a snapshoot of the contents of the shots folder would be fine ,,thank you.

yubba 01-10-16 05:08 PM

I got some sound.
Took alittle doing and some reading,, you can edit sound if you don't have any at least I got the lee cannon to bark ,, go here and scroll down alittle it will tell you all you need to know what look for is Data/k42/loc-rus/level/LEVEL/tech cfg read all of it

here's some sound/shots file names tack to your favorite wave cannon sound or make your own but don't type,, tank type =

1 sherman = shot_76m1

2 Lee= shot_75m3lee

3 panther= shot_kwk42

4 sherman= engine_M4_gcm_6046

5 panther= engine_diesel_4

having trouble with tiger VI gun

frinik 01-14-16 11:21 PM

Tiger Shot
I personally use my own sound for the Kwk36 L 56 of the Tiger 1 but in the SSM it's called shot_88L56 I believe.

bics 01-20-16 07:58 AM

I'm having real problems trying to get hold of either SPM 1.5 beta or SPM 2.0 which are both at the 4shared site, even though I'm logged in there no matter which download button I hit including the one right under the mod description where is says click here if your download doesn't start automatically all ever I get is some kind of malware exe thats only a few kb in size, I've tried numerous times with different browsers, can anyone confirm is there files still exist on 4shared? as there's nowhere else I can get them it seems.

33lima 01-20-16 03:02 PM

Try here:

Dunno about SPM on 4Shared - the 'real' download button is the one on the left of the row 'Download-Share-Add to my account'.

I had a second install of SF for SPM but dropped it a while back since getting into STA, which seems to have much more content, still being added to.

bics 01-20-16 04:26 PM

thanks, finally:) I also noticed reading through the Steel fury thread at simhq that several people had given up trying to get it modded simply because of the same issues with 4shared, most of the stuff at tanksim is also linked to 4shared, anyway, might try the steel tank mod now I know I can get hold of it.

yubba 02-08-16 04:28 PM

for future ref
if you got a stealth tank or silencer on your cannon,,, go to game folder,,Data/k42/ luc/levels/LEVELS/common/commonRes ,scroll down you'll find your tank and the file name for your gun sound folder like Jagpanzer ,,= shot_kwk42,, I stepped away from this sim for a while dealing with a new box,, loaded this game in and forgot where to go to fix sound,, so it's here

Sepp von Ch. 02-14-16 11:09 AM

Hi gentlemen, which is the best latest "megamod" for Steel Fury Kharkov 1942?

Steel Panzer Mod 2.0 test (for SF)?


STA (Steel Tank Add-on) 1.0 Full?

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