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Dowly 01-30-07 06:55 AM


HunterICX 01-30-07 07:22 AM

:up: Looking Good dowly.
but leave the BF109's alone FFS :rotfl:

Biggles 01-30-07 08:38 AM

Well done Dowly! you scratched one jerry!:up:

Dowly 01-30-07 08:41 AM

Ok, last one! I promise! ... Atleast for today! :oops:

Dowly 01-30-07 11:44 AM

I know, I know. :oops:

Biggles 01-30-07 03:20 PM

You like to photoshop eh?:yep:

Lzs von swe 01-30-07 03:54 PM

From the other side:D
Flying realy low and slow, reading the sign..Osk.. arsha... mn, Oskarshamn:huh:
Where on earth is that??

Dowly 01-30-07 04:27 PM

@Lzs von Swe:


HunterICX 01-31-07 12:45 PM

A shot I took a few days ago.

and it happend again to me today...

Biggles 01-31-07 01:26 PM

as long as you don't crash with the Swedish J8 Gladiators, I'm happy:D

Dowly 01-31-07 03:10 PM

CCIP 01-31-07 03:25 PM

What happened here? :o
Hey Navy dudes, has anyone seen HunterICX? :p

Dowly 01-31-07 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by CCIP
Hey Navy dudes, has anyone seen HunterICX? :p

Just follow the plane wrecks. :up::rotfl:


HunterICX 01-31-07 05:20 PM

@Biggles: Sorry m8, what did you say?

Dowly 01-31-07 05:21 PM


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