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danlisa 02-10-07 07:11 PM

From the custom J8A Campaign for 1946, it was a hell of a dogfight if a little easy.

Dowly 02-10-07 07:31 PM

There´s a 'few' planes indeed... how many u got? ;)

MobyGrape 02-10-07 11:56 PM

oh boy flight sims

Dowly 02-11-07 05:18 AM

Escorting Hunter to his target with Danlisa. ;)

Kapitan_Phillips 02-11-07 11:09 AM

My puppy on FS2004: Airwolf!

:rock: :rock: :rock:

MobyGrape 02-13-07 01:20 AM

Over Flanders fields
No man's land

Biggles 02-13-07 08:30 AM

Wonderful pics mate! I love this mod already!

odinfish 02-13-07 08:51 AM

How would you rate this mod vs. First Eagles?

MobyGrape 02-14-07 03:25 AM

No experience with First Eagles..

Dowly 02-14-07 07:45 AM

Two flights of He-111´s leaving Germany for a bombing mission againts RAF airfields. August 14, 1940.

(Yes, they got to their target. Had just dogfighted with a BF109 for ~15min RL, so my ammo was all gone. :cry:)

MobyGrape 02-14-07 06:58 PM


CCIP 02-16-07 03:24 AM

Cruising in my Cessna over Spain in FS2004, nothing pretentious just relaxation :D

Dowly 02-16-07 03:38 AM

:hmm:Spain... While you´re there, could you drop eggs to HunterICX´s house? Napalm will do if out of eggs. :up:

Boris 02-16-07 09:55 AM

I really want to get back into flight sims again, but I know that if I do, I will have to buy myself an X52 and TrackIR 4 with 6dof. Anything less isn't good enough. Hopefully SH4 will steer me clear of these thoughts.

MobyGrape 02-17-07 02:36 AM

Pacific Fighters Into the Sun

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