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HunterICX 08-22-10 12:20 PM

According to the map there are a 3 MBT's in a small town north
that will do for a good warm up.

He wants to play :woot:

he knocked out my electrical systems too, lost all power on my helo

Can't climb! this is what the ground saw seconds before impact


Arclight 08-22-10 12:27 PM

*cough* autorotate. :O:

Rotorspeed seems a little low at that last shot there. :hmmm:

Lionclaw 08-22-10 12:31 PM

If you lose all power you could try autorotation landing, requires lots of practice to get it right though. :)

But sometimes there's simply no time to react. :cry:

Arclight 08-22-10 02:15 PM

Lots of practice is an understatement. :haha:

I for one, at least, am royally screwed if those engines fail.

Save yourself, or save the aircraft. :hmmm: I'll take the rocket-ride, thankyouverymuch. :DL

Lionclaw 08-22-10 02:30 PM

It's the landing bit of the autorotation that's tricky, gliding is easier.

Arclight 08-22-10 02:32 PM

In aviation, it's always easier as long as there is no ground involved. ;)

Oberon 08-22-10 03:00 PM

Why did you get within bullet distance of him? :hmmm:

Dowly 08-22-10 03:02 PM


Originally Posted by Oberon (Post 1474501)
Why did you get within bullet distance of him? :hmmm:

My first thought. :hmmm:

HunterICX 08-22-10 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by Arclight (Post 1474384)
Rotorspeed seems a little low at that last shot there. :hmmm:

Well, one of the engines (the right one) crapped out on me :shifty:
and said before all electronic systems failed, no HUD display, ABRIS off, TV off, heck couldn't even deploy flares or do anything else that required the electronic systems of the Kamov.

and yes, about getting too close....I wasn't aware that I was drifting too close to the target area while setting up the arms of my Kamov.

need to reconfigure some stuff to my joystick.


Oberon 08-22-10 04:21 PM

I take it that the Russians forgot to put in auto-hover on the Kamov or is that one of the gamey aspects of the EE series? I used to get the hover on and duck behind a hill whilst setting up the Hellfire for a pop up and over shot...I think it was a LOAL-HI.
T-72s rarely knew what hit them :haha:

Arclight 08-23-10 01:34 AM

There's auto-hover alright, but it has the same limitation as all autopilot functions: it can only use about 15% of controls input. That means you need to trim the aircraft close to a stable hover and then the autopilot can take care of the small adjustments needed to keep it in place.

90% of problems people have flying BS is related to not trimming properly. :)

Oberon 08-31-10 09:29 AM



Ran through Earl at 20N 66W, not much happened, some rain on the windshield, a little bit of turbulence...but nothing the scope of a Cat Four storm. :damn:

Kptlt. Neuerburg 09-01-10 12:13 AM

I guess FSX doesn't have hurricanes as a part of the weather modelling, it would be interesting to fly through one in that game.

Oberon 09-01-10 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by Kptlt. Hellmut Neuerburg (Post 1482354)
I guess FSX doesn't have hurricanes as a part of the weather modelling, it would be interesting to fly through one in that game.

FS9, X would probably fry my system :haha:

But yes, you're right, it doesn't model hurricanes, you can probably create one in the weather effects, but the 'real world weather' option seems to miss them...but then again, that is only as good as the weather stations that report it, and they're probably being thrown around in 125mph winds at the moment.

Anyway, intercepted Earl again today from the Bahamas, co-ords approx 25.1N 72.1W, took some southerly crosswinds on the way in, although since I was traveling from the west heading would mean that Earl was being cyclonic...which fails... :hmmm: Anyway, you can't blame the sim, I mean it wasn't developed for nutters like me who like to hunt Hurricanes :haha:
'Hurricane Earl' from my P3 Orions cockpit...

Task Force 09-01-10 02:48 PM

Tell it to head acouple of miles more west! been awhile since we have been hit by a good here in "disclosed location".

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