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zyx 06-05-17 12:42 PM

Cold Waters: Screenshots & Videos
Post your CW Screenshots and Videos, keep filesize and comments to a minimum.

Hm i guess that torpedo changed sides :o

daft 06-05-17 12:52 PM

Still doing the training mission. Really like it so far and it is quite fun driving about even though I wish I could just order depth and course. Will run through all training missions before jumping into the campaign.


Ramius 06-05-17 01:55 PM

Firing a torp at max speed killed the tube :(

Onkel Neal 06-05-17 08:38 PM

Go away!!

I'm bad, I'm nationwide...

daft 06-06-17 03:21 AM


Originally Posted by Onkel Neal (Post 2488809)

Yeah, I really haven't mastered torpedo evasion yet. :D

FPSchazly 06-06-17 10:12 AM

Here's the first part of my stream that I did yesterday! It's of me going through the training. More streams today and tomorrow!

basti107 06-10-17 05:32 AM


Thresher 06-10-17 07:24 AM

Alpha on the roof!

Onkel Neal 06-10-17 09:40 AM

I like how you reshaed the HUD too :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

zyx 06-10-17 09:07 PM

Ship sim anyone?


arekDelta 06-12-17 03:32 AM

Aktungbby 06-12-17 08:58 AM

welcome aboard firsttime poster!
arekDelta!:Kaleun_Salute: Nice pics !

Char 06-12-17 09:41 PM

No Actual Aquatic Animals Were Harmed in The Making of This Video

Miderashi 06-13-17 03:50 AM

First contact

Waervyn 06-13-17 06:20 AM

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