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UglyMowgli 05-11-2020 12:11 PM

Gunner HEAT PC
​Not even a contender to Steel Beast Pro PE :)

The tank game you've been waiting for It's a weird time for fans of modern tank combat games. The straight-shooting simulator titles from the turn of the millennium are no more, replaced by free-to-play games with modern vehicles locked behind aggressive pricing or absurd playtime. As tank nerds, we need a game that gets right to the good stuff - modern tanks, realistic system and damage models, and a focus on fun over all.

With Gunner, HEAT, PC! we aim to make that dream a reality.

No more staring at locked MBTs in your progression tree and wondering if you'll ever get to play them. No more spending industry prices to buy industry simulators just for a taste of something worthy. We're making a great tank game because that's what we want to play.

Onkel Neal 07-04-2020 09:01 AM

Man, graphics look pretty sharp.

UglyMowgli 07-05-2020 02:13 PM

But there is a lot of work to be done.

UglyMowgli 11-30-2020 12:05 PM

Nov 2020 update

zachanscom 12-08-2020 02:21 AM

that honestly looks very good to me. there's been a real drought of modern tank sims that don't look like they were made in 1997. steel armor was the last great tank sim unfortunately it never went beyond the 50s era tanks. i can't wait to get my hands on the t-72

UglyMowgli 10-05-2021 04:26 PM

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