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ericlea 01-28-21 12:32 PM

Some screanshots from GWXonealex supermod


880-5 01-28-21 02:40 PM

Great graphics

Leoz 01-29-21 10:01 PM

Very nice. :Kaleun_Cheers:

Niume 01-30-21 12:53 PM

Onealex 02-02-21 08:05 AM

Niume 02-02-21 10:53 AM

A new hardcode fix?

Onealex 02-02-21 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by Niume (Post 2726638)
A new hardcode fix?

Yes. TychoSh3Patch_v4 + my color settings

ericlea 02-02-21 01:40 PM


Autopilotman 02-06-21 10:57 PM

I've just come across this mod, whenever I try to start a career it seems to crash just after loading. Is there a specific way to set it up?

Doolar 02-06-21 11:05 PM

Autopilotman, I had the same issue. how I fixed it to perfection, was to set the SH3.exe and the Cmdr.exe to "compatibility of Win7" and with "admin privileges". Do this FIRST, then adjust your Commander, Silent Hunter 3 ans S.hie options. Don't mess with the Stiebler options. Now run the game. All has worked perfectly since.

Autopilotman 02-06-21 11:54 PM

Didn't seem to work, I just spawn in the middle of the ocean with some/all of my systems destroyed. Then a few seconds later; the game crashes.

Doolar 02-07-21 12:38 AM

delete Onealex, that you have, clean with ccleaner. Now decompress Onealex to C:/ or seperate HHD but not in Programs Files. Then :

1. Open the SH3 folder and change the SH3.exe, Cmdr.exe and JSGME.exe to
2. Start game via the SH3.exe, to set a Save folder
3. Set game Options to GERMAN
4. Exit game
5. Make changes to H.sie but NOT Stiebler's Patches
6. Add Mods of choice via JSGME to SHIII
7. Set Options in Cmdr
8. Setup Career & Play via SH3 Commander

this works, ONEALEX 1.39 also has a patch, so add this via JSGME or use ONEALEX 1.38 and wait for ONEALEX 1.40

Autopilotman 02-07-21 01:15 AM

Thanks for the help, seems to be working well now. Also noticed that my antivirus was blocking elements of the sh3.exe; so I added it to my exceptions list.

midnightcrisis 02-07-21 09:56 AM

Hello everybody.

Very great work, i like it so much. I have a question.
Is Iambecomelifes merchantfleed Mod compatible to this Mod.

Onealex 02-07-21 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by midnightcrisis (Post 2728229)
Hello everybody.

Very great work, i like it so much. I have a question.
Is Iambecomelifes merchantfleed Mod compatible to this Mod.

I don't recommend merchant fleet mod for my modpack. It causes ctd. In GWX Onealex Edition there are more than 300 different ships adapted by me. Also there are ships from merchant fleet mod which were fixed...

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