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JerseySeven 10-27-22 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by Halogen (Post 2829604)
Yeah same I think it has to do with this version of the mod, since it never did that before

Do you mean v1.52? I've been playing v1.48 with no problems but have been thinking of doing a new install with 1.52. Is v1.51 OK?


Doolar 10-27-22 11:45 PM

1.52 works great, no issues here

CapZap1970 10-28-22 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by Doolar (Post 2834768)
1.52 works great, no issues here

Same here... :yep:

FUBAR295 10-28-22 11:21 AM

Worked right out of the box and no issues using 1.52. For GWX, it is about the best mod you can utilize.

JerseySeven 10-29-22 12:09 PM

Thanks captains! I decided to give 1.52 a try, and am enjoying it. It definitely is one of the best super mods.

kyle9154 10-31-22 06:39 AM

Hey guys, just letting you know that the Onealex Mod discord is growing everyday and if you like to get up-to-date news on the mod and engage with the community easily then come join us on the discord.


DDBait 11-04-22 06:40 PM

Detection of depth sounding?
If I click that button to get the depth under keel will bad guys hear it and know where I'm at?

jscharpf 11-04-22 08:22 PM

Ok so this is confusing, sorry I'm slow lol.

I did a fresh install of SH3 have it at "C:\SHIII" .. Haven't run the game yet or done anything.

Downloaded the latest OneAlex file (1.5.2), and unzipped it.

Reading the instructions.

Set Start in Windows 7 compatibility mode for sh3.exe.

Which SH3.exe? The one I just installed or the one in the unzipped folder?
Am I playing the game out of the folder that I just installed or the folder I just unzipped?
Why does it look like an entire game is in the downloaded folder, SH3.exe included?

Help! ?


stoppro 11-05-22 11:56 AM

i'm with jeff i started it with she icon intro sreen right away its playing no commander or anything i did something wronged but i don't know what it was i need block by block instructions please thanks

kyle9154 11-05-22 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by stoppro (Post 2836430)
i'm with jeff i started it with she icon intro sreen right away its playing no commander or anything i did something wronged but i don't know what it was i need block by block instructions please thanks

Approximate system requirements for a normal game (may be less, the megamod was tested on sufficiently powerful computers):
1. Processor I5 / I7 5th generation and higher (or its AMD equivalent).
2. Video card GeForce 900 series or higher (or its AMD equivalent).
3. Widescreen monitor or 1080p monitor. A Desktop is required, not a laptop.

1. Unpack the archive preferably using 7zip and install to your main C://drive folder, however DO NOT install to your Program Files.
2. Set 'Run in Windows 7 compatibility mode' for SH3.exe, JSGME.exe, SH3Cmdr.exe files and run these programs as administrator.
3. Run the game using the SH3.exe shortcut so that the game creates a save folder in your documents folder of your PC.
4. Set the parameters to English, German speech and English keyboard language then exit the game.
5. Use the JSGME utility (in the root directory) to install the necessary submods you want to use then select SH3Commander.exe
6. Check the box "Rollback automatically after exiting SH3", and choose the desired game options.
7. Launch the game by pressing Launch SH3! (blue tick), in the future run the game only through SH Commander. Enjoy!!! (edited)

P.S. no need for previous install of the game, game comes with the mod as Ubisoft doesn't support SH3 anymore so you use the.exe that comes with this mod, get rid of any old sh3 files/document folders/installations off your PC's and then follow the instructions I posted.

We can talk easier on the Onealex mod discord if you wish -

stoppro 11-05-22 01:57 PM

i understand all that, what is happening nothing is installing it just commander says it has nowhere to go,jsmg just opens showing me the exe the icon starts the indro loads the screen for traing i click on it ctd. i just want to install it

stoppro 11-06-22 10:16 AM

I got it to work right out of the download file, new to me. thanks looks nice !

jscharpf 11-06-22 11:02 AM

I realized that in the end all I had to do was download the big file and use it. I wouldn't have to even had installed SH3 .
With that said, what I DID do was, install SH3, then copy all if the OneAlex files directly over all of my SH3 files..
I know that this was not recommended but it works just fine. I'm assuming it really doesn't matter.

Doolar 11-06-22 12:38 PM

re jscharpf
glad it worked out for you, and all is good. you will love it

zeus 11-19-22 09:52 PM

Why don't torpedoes hit ships?
they pass under the keel, even if I put 1m as depth

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