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andredr 02-02-21 12:37 PM

window mode
Good day to all !

Before I buy this game; I would like to know if we can play in window mode and not full screen mode.

thank you for and answer but most of all thank you to all who worked on this sim.


Konrad Friedrich 02-03-21 04:01 AM

It has a toggle switch "Fullscreen". And it works.
But you can "Alt-Tab" in and out also. Works perfectly too.

Why actually? Do you want to play secretly in the office and quickly switch to the desktop?!? :03:

andredr 02-03-21 07:27 AM

Good morning Konrad

To answer your question: I play bridge, chess, solitaire and WOWs at the same time. I go to one and another all the time.

thank you for your response.


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