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derstosstrupp 11-21-19 10:22 AM

Log Tables
I present to you the pinnacle of geekdom - logarithmic tables! Logs allowed for multiplication, division, and trig to be performed before calculators, and are what slide rules are based on. To multiply you ADD logs, to divide you SUBTRACT- so you see why they were useful.

I recreated the tables in excel and made worksheets for the targeting calculations, with examples of each.

So.....why this?
1. It adds to the challenge - ditch the calculator!
2. The worksheets show the actual formulas for those who still want to use a calculator.


Onkel Neal 11-21-19 10:47 AM

Makes me respect the u-boat officers even more!

derstosstrupp 11-21-19 11:16 AM

Definitely! They donít take too much longer to use but makes you plan ahead a bit more!

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