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van der Merwe 06-02-11 12:49 PM

Steam Edition Fleet Command Problem
Does anyone else have the problem with the Steam Edition of Fleet Command where the game will just stop working. It happens all the time and in many different situations. The game will just close and a window will be open, informing me that Fleet Command has stopped working. Does anyone know what causes this or a potential fix?

Fleet Command CC 06-18-11 04:59 PM

Hello van der Merwe.

I can normally play the game for a few hours before it CTD, on the Steam version. If this is what you are getting then there isn't much that you can do about it I'm sorry to say.

Just save the mission your playing every 10 minutes then you can re-load it, when the game CTD.

Went and where is the game crashing? :salute:

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