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Rickster1 08-09-2021 10:46 AM

Before i buy this game, as i am possibly going to play solo, how many bots can you see in the game now and how many in the future please

Pisces 08-12-2021 11:23 AM

There are 5 stations for players, one of which you will occupy. If you enable the bots then they fill in the remaining places for which there are no players. But they vacate the spot if you get near and take the station to control it. Then there is the simplified radio option. If you enable that then there is a dedicated bot on the radio.

The developers have indicated (last tuesday confirmed in the WP discord Q&A channel) that for the expanded interior update 0.26 (after the current update 0.25 update turns stable) there won't be new bot positions at first. Much later down the line you may or may not get additional bots. How many and what they do even the devs are not sure of yet.

Playing solo is fine. But it may be a bit of a learning curve and switching around stations in the sub. You'll have to figure out if that is ok. But try out the multiplayer element. Ultimately the game handles 4 uboats, with 5 human crew each. So 20 in total. And 16 bots if you have 4 captains managing a boat on their own.

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