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blackswan40 09-04-2020 03:04 PM

Wolfpack Password Issue Quick fix
Update: this has been fixed.

Wolfpack Password Issue Quick fix

After updating Wolfpack if your having issues with not being able to enter a password as no ***** showsup just use numbers instead of letters something simple like 123 we tried it with numbers and it worked.

Onkel Neal is aware of the issue and will be touching base with Oscar and Einar to fix the issue

Onkel Neal 09-04-2020 03:08 PM

Yes, thanks!

If you try to make a pw protected lobby, it will seem like it is not working, there will be no **** showing up.

But if you click in the pw field and type something like 995 or 428 (something easy) and click OK, it should work for people trying to join your lobby.

Onkel Neal 09-05-2020 08:17 AM

This has been Fixed.

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