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derstosstrupp 09-26-2019 09:11 PM


The Test Dive is conducted to establish the “alarm dive” time for the crew that will apply to that particular patrol. This time is used when aircraft are encountered during the patrol to determine whether the aircraft was successfully avoided.

A crew may take as long as it wants in order to train for the Trial; it is not a “one-time” test.

To complete this pre-patrol requirement, the Commander must record the conduct of the Trial (using screen capture recording) in such a way as to demonstrate the below criteria are met, and submit this recording to Staff. If this is not possible for whatever reason, Staff may arrange to sit in on the Trial to observe in the simulation.

The following criteria apply for the conduct of the mandatory pre-patrol Test Dive:

1. The boat must begin on the surface at dead slow.

2. The Commander and two other crewmembers must begin on the bridge.

3. One crewmember (to the extent available) must begin in the control room.
tower interior.

4. The ballast tanks must begin completely empty (negative should begin flooded).

5. The dive planes must begin centered.

6. Time STARTS when the Commander orders “Alarm!”

7. Time STOPS once the boat passes 20 meters.

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