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Superesse 05-28-2019 04:20 AM

Role selection and prio

The general assumption seems to be that there are 5 persons on a boat, which would be nice if it happened. However, mostly there are fewer. Maybe 2-3 persons.

I would like to discuss the roles in these cases. When you’re alone it’s easy, because you do everything. When you’re 5 it’s reasonable clear, because the roles are defined. But what about being 2-4?

First of all, I think the captain should assign roles to the persons on the boat, to clarify expectations from the start. This can be adjusted as people leave and join.

But what would you say is the priority on the roles? Which to select if you are number two for a sub?

I think like this:
1 Captain
2 Navigator
3 Depth officer
4 Helmsman
5 Radio operator

Let’s consider an attack phase, which is one of the more demanding phases.

If you are 5 the positions are probably like this:
Captain - Attack periscope
Navigator - Navigator table
Depth officer - Dive planes
Helmsman - TDC
Radio operator - Hydrophone

If you are 4, I suggest merging the Radio operator (lowest priority) with the Helmsman, who will man the hydrophone/radio as required in other phases.

If you are 3, I suggest moving the Radio operator/Helmsman responsibility to the Depth officer. The Captain will take control of the TDC (from Helmsman) but otherwise the depth officer takes rudder/engine/radio/hydrophone. Reason is that these are on the same floor (avoiding ladder movement) and depth does normally not need constant attention. BUT depth is the priority among these. Therefore the main role is still Depth officer.

If you are 2, I suggest merging the Depth officer into the Navigator, except hydrophone/radio which goes to Captain. Now things are getting really tight, but works.

Of course, the fewer you are, the more flexible you have to be.

What do you think? Do you agree that we need to have a clearer definition on how to handle half-full submarines? Do you agree with my priorities?

derstosstrupp 05-28-2019 05:53 AM

Hi Superesse,

I put out some 4-, and 3-player SOPs:

Glad to see someone else thinking about this too!

Superesse 05-29-2019 01:22 AM

Thanks! Really nice posts and a must-read for everyone.

Actually, your five-player SOP was the post that inspired me to write my post!

I would like to focus on the general role-prioritization rather than the procedures. You can’t expect the average player to know all such SOPs by heart (that would be great though), but you can expect them to know the general responsibilities of a Helmsman. And then an order like “Nav, you are also Helm” has a lot of meaning. Your SOPs are “next level” from this.

We prioritize a little bit differently. I see Navigator as the most important role besides captain and want to keep him at the nav-table while submerged (3p). You have him (prioritizing helm) at the TDC. Why do you think that is better?

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