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Usurpator 10-08-21 01:20 PM

Hello everyone! This week Oscar found (and solved!) some problems with the wake simulation, and so the patch will have to be delayed until next week. Einar has been adding some more details to the new interior, Koji is detailing the Corvette, and Axel is tinkering with the netcode.

gurudennis 10-11-21 05:05 PM

Is there a plan for when the contents of the current beta branch can be stabilized and officially released? The existence of a divergent public beta branch splits the community and isn't healthy long-term in my opinion.

Usurpator 10-15-21 12:36 PM

weekly update
Hello everyone! This week Oscar has been sick (not covid!), and has not been able to finish work on the patch. What is left on the patch is dealing with boundary conditions between different LOD levels of the simulation, and adding some settings. Axel is working on game state serialising, intended for game saving and loading - aswell as build testing both normal and headless builds. I'm organizing assets for the new interior and Koji is working on the corvette.

Lost At Sea 10-16-21 02:20 AM

Get well Oscar !

Usurpator 10-22-21 04:18 PM

Hello everyone! This week we have finished patch 0.25J. This patch is live now in the beta branch. This patch adds water effects, and changes the water spectrum to be more dynamic and less repetitive. The next week will be spent fixing bugs.

Patch notes:

Patch 0.25j
Improved the wave spectrum dynamics.
Added foam trails.
Added water splashes.
These can be enabled in the video options.

ht-57 10-23-21 07:27 AM

Looks Gr8! keep'em coming!

Usurpator 10-29-21 02:21 PM

weekly update
Hello everyone! This week Oscar has been fixing bugs and adding steam torpedoes to the game. Torpedo loadout will be selected before starting the mission, and during gameplay there will be an interface for selecting which torpedoes should be loaded into which tube, and the speed settings for steam torpedoes. Straight running steam torpedoes will be added to the game in the next patch. Other torpedo guidance types (FAT/LUT/Homing) will be added once we have added the forward torpedo room.

gurudennis 10-29-21 05:25 PM

Good stuff!

Usurpator 11-05-21 01:51 PM

weekly update
Hello everyone!
This week Oscar has been working on the new torpedo system, adjusting the AI so that it can detect torpedo trails from Steam torpedoes, and fixing the UI for the reload system. Axel has finished the game state serialisation system and is going to get back on some bugs in the network test environment. Koji is organizing all of the components related to the corvette and I'm doing the same for the new U-boat interior.

Contemplative Flame 11-11-21 06:25 PM

Thank you for the update I will continue to follow your development.

Usurpator 11-12-21 11:35 AM

weekly update

Hello everyone!

This week Axel has been testing and completing offline/online state switching, aswell as fixing a critical crash bug and is continuing the networked test environment implementation.
Oscar has finished making the torpedo loadout and reloading interfaces, and updated the TDC to handle different torpedo speeds. He will spend the next week working on the visuals for the torpedo trail, as well as adding torpedo types to the mission editor.
Koji is still organizing all components related to the corvette and I'm doing the same for the new U-boat interior.

Usurpator 11-19-21 12:14 PM

Hello Everyone! This week Oscar has implemented torpedo trails and visuals. The torpedo update will be released next week in the beta branch. Axel has worked on the submarine implementation in the network test environment and some refactoring in the base parts of the netcode. Einar has been away this week.

Usurpator 11-26-21 02:04 PM

Version 0.25L is now available on the beta branch!
Hello everyone!

This week we have released version 0.25L to the beta branch. This update contains the new torpedo type (T1), a new torpedo reloading interface, as well as some bug fixes.
Torpedoes are no longer reloaded automatically, since there are multiple torpedo types and speeds to choose from. To reload a torpedo, use the TDC and click the status section to open the torpedo reloading interface. To load or unload a torpedo, simply drag it to the corresponding spot.
Torpedoes with different speeds can not be combined in a salvo shot, but must be fired individually.

Next week we will add torpedo errors and some more mission editor options.

Usurpator 12-03-21 06:05 PM

weekly update
Hello everyone!

This week Axel has reworked the crew-parts of the netcode, and removed an obsolete event system in server behaviours, and has started to investigate the reappearance of an old bug. I've been working on colliders for the new interior and Koji's working on the corvette and the merchants.

Oscar has added magnetic torpedo triggers, new game options and new mission editor settings.

The new game options are:
Realistic torpedo reload time. - 15 minutes per torpedo.
Torpedo failures. - Trigger and magnetic failures.
Limited torpedo accuracy. - Torpedoes are limited to 1 degree of accuracy.
Torpedo trigger depends on angle.
Disable automatic navigation. - If this option is active, the U-boats map position is never updated.

The new mission editor options are:
Convoy spawn distance.
Force manual navigation.
Force real morse.

A new test patch will be available soon.

Usurpator 12-10-21 03:03 PM

Weekly update
Hello Everyone!

Patch 0.25M is now available in the beta branch.
This patch includes new torpedo options, magnetic torpedo triggers and new options for the mission editor.
In addition to the options mentioned in the last update, the new patch also contains the option to add multiple order messages in the mission editor.

Usurpator 12-17-21 05:28 PM

Weekly updates
Hello everyone!

Patch 0.25N is now available in the beta branch. This patch includes underwater effects, more graphics options, updated periscope, new sound effects, and many bug fixes.

The new graphics options are disabled by default: Go to options/video to enable them. The new periscope reticle measures height in milliradians instead of centiradians. The distance table has been updated to reflect this, but otherwise it should be used the same as the old reticle. The new periscopes and UZO can be stabilized by holding the left mouse button.

gutted 12-20-21 01:37 AM

Judging from the last video the exterior environment colors/lighting are still ass. When are you guys going to put some color in? The world in 1940 looked the same as it does today.

It's why i quit playing a year or so ago. Just horrible world environment.

von faust 12-20-21 07:35 AM

Do you know if there is a printable version (Pdf or other) of the recognition manual?
Otherwise I go to work and create it.

Thank You

blackswan40 12-20-21 04:22 PM

Hi von faust ive not seen one I did a Wolfpack Ship Data Sheet with all ship tonages length and mast height
download is clearer

Download Link

von faust 12-21-21 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by blackswan40 (Post 2783894)
Hi von faust ive not seen one I did a Wolfpack Ship Data Sheet with all ship tonages length and mast height
download is clearer

Download Link

Great !!!
I have realized a printable recognition book with all ship but I don't know were I can upload it.

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