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Firebar 08-29-21 01:17 PM

New OHP Frigate Model
As this is a different crowd to Discord I thought Id post some development screenshots here of the Oliver Hazard Perry frigate I made for Dot Mod only. This is a completely custom model built for Cold Waters from the waterline up.

Hull First Build

Rough Superstructure

Details Going In

In The Water

Textures were kindly made by Kevin DDSSTT on Discord.

steel shark 08-31-21 03:27 AM

many thanks for adding to the NATO surface and submarines Models

the main problem with CW was its only had mainly Russian surface ships & submarines so the addition of more actual NATO surface & Submarine models is greatly appreciated as this adds to the game Greatly

Steel Shark

dannavy85 12-03-21 01:36 PM

nice model!

SpeedyPC 12-04-21 10:19 AM

I would LOVE to learn this above and create a mod, I'm medically retired and I love 3d grahpic model, troube is I don't have the software and the tools.

I used to be a serior structural design draftsperon for 20 years, before, I was medically retired.

Looks bloody awesome :up:

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