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les green01 10-20-20 06:40 PM

does look pretty good

Sonarman 03-25-21 06:46 PM

Destroyer- the U-Boat Hunter demo coming in June
Announced today, Iron Wolf studio are planning to release a playable demo of the much awaited title ‘Destroyer the Uboat hunter’. The game itself is scheduled for a q4 2021 (now revised to q1 2022) release and the devs are working hard to have a demo online for the Steam games festival in June.

In the meantime the game’s dev diary has been updated with some new screenshots including outside views. Check it out at the steam link below

Sniper450 03-27-21 10:18 PM

Steams showing Q1 2022 release at this time.

Furia 03-28-21 03:59 AM

Oh boy!! This is surely going to be purchased the first day that it is available. :k_confused:

Sonarman 03-28-21 12:23 PM

Thanks Sniper450 yes they just updated that on Steam though it means a longer wait for us, its good to see, they obviously care more about shipping a quality product than hitting some arbritrary release date.

Platapus 03-29-21 07:41 AM

Looking forward to this game

Artur Salwarowski 05-05-21 04:38 AM

Hello everyone,

My name is Artur Salwarowski and I am the designer of Destroyer. We are working hard on our demo and we are very excited to be able to share it with you soon.

We will begin promoting the game shortly and we will have a few juicy morsels for you in anticipation of the demo's release in mid-June. I personally really hope that the demo (and the full game) will appeal to the subsim community.

With that in mind, I would love to hear your opinion on the subject of tutorials. We already know that we won't manage to squeeze in a full-blown tutorial into the demo, there simply won't be enough time as the demo still needs some work before the release.

Therefore, we will most probably opt for a very simple tutorial that explains just the basic controls, and then there wil be a series of videos explaining each destroyer station in details, explaining tactics and other important ASW facts related to the game.

What do you think about this solution? Will it be acceptable for the demo? In my honest opinion, I don't relly think anyone here would need the tutorial anyway, apart from just a few details, such as the Tactical Range Recorder.

Either way, please let me know your thoughts on this. As soon as the demo releases, I expect there will be plenty of feedback, so even before we get into this, please let me say that we are making this game for you and all your feedback will be of utmost importance to the further development of the game :Kaleun_Salute:

I really hope that we are creating something that you will enjoy playing.

Onkel Neal 05-05-21 06:38 AM

For me, the quickest and simplest but still effective way for a tutorial is a video with step-by-step voiceover. Be sure to have the narration stick to the point, no rambling. Juist record a few example of how to play the game. And the comments will help you see what you missed.

Artur Salwarowski 05-05-21 08:39 AM

Thank you very much for voicing your opinion, that's exactly how I will attempt to do that :)

I am also working on a series of short interviews with an ASW expert and I think the community might be interested in seeing a glimpse of the game and watching us discuss some of its aspects before the demo itself arrives.

We will be recording those in the second half of May, so if there are any questions that you would like to be addressed, then now is the best time to ask :)

easy 05-06-21 04:15 AM

Destroyer academy...
Hello Mr Salwarowski,

Great that you are making a Destroyer game!

As a longtime, neither American nor British player of the Silent Hunter series, I would like to give you some advice regarding some sort of academy for DESTROYER.

My experience with this side of games is that many lessons are based on prior knowledge, no accounting for non-English speakers, no clear mouse pointer, no perfect English (so, a sort of a slang), often a bit of mumbling, using a lot of abbreviations, usually way too fast , moving the mouse over the screen like crazy so that the student not knows where to look at and not assume that a novice does not know why something has to be done! The student must understand why something has to be done like this!

Of course you want to sell as much of this game as possible! Then it's up to you to make sure that a newcomer can learn your game well!

I give you an advice:
Hire a well known teacher from primary or secondary technical education. A teacher who knows nothing about submarine combat but really, really wants to learn it! This man knows exactly how to explain complicated things to the unknowing!

I think you should spend a lot of energy and money on this kind of thing! Make it clear in the sale that an education expert has cooperated.


3catcircus 05-06-21 07:46 AM

I think that providing a playable demo is a dangerous move. It doesn't matter how loudly you declare it to be an alpha or beta - there will always be people who are going to complain and denigrate the work and that can be disheartening to developers who've worked long and hard to hear some random keyboard warrior tell them their product sucks.

I'm anxiously awaiting this demo, but I'm hoping that the target audience can restrain themselves and only provide constructive feedback.

les green01 05-06-21 07:33 PM

effective way for a tutorial is a video with step-by-step voiceover although a lot of us old timers around here probly won't need much sure some like me play destoyer command back in the day a ot of times the problem i have with the videos is the mouse pointer is so small it hard for me to see it i really like to see how the layers going be on the sub hunting

Pelle71 05-06-21 09:37 PM

Full dynamic campain pls, than this game is going to be a big hit! Keep up the good work and take youre time.

Furia 05-07-21 01:18 AM

This is one fo the games I am really looking forward to have.
I cant wait to try this Demo :Kaleun_Thumbs_Up:

I believe that some video tutorials showing the game mechanics and functionalities woudl suffice for the demo.
Surely the community will produce additional video tutorials as soon as the Demo is released as well.

I have some friends that would be interested in the game but that do not speak english fluently and would also welcome that the videos incorporate subtitles.

Thank you :up:

Artur Salwarowski 05-11-21 01:55 AM


Thank you for all the replies and suggestions, I will do my best to make the videos as clear, concise and informative as possible.

On a side note, I used to work as a teacher for quite a while, and the subject I used to teach was English, so I hope I will somehow manage to make the tutorial vids useful :up:

Most of the peeps here won't be needing those anyway, although I assume that you would at least want to see what's where before you dive in.

And yes, I am well aware that there's gonna be a lot of criticism heading our way, but there's no going around it (at least in our current situation). The investors demanded a demo, they gave us a non-negotiable deadline, and so here we are :Kaleun_Salute:

I just hope that our destroyer won't go to the bottom straight away, so please conserve your torps for the merchants :yep:

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