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p7p8 12-23-2019 08:13 PM

Making simple mission

Its NOT classic tutorial! It's just showing how to make simple mission because some of steps are very similar in every scenario.

Video shows 2 interesting things:

- making random position of enemy Akula (2 variants) and using "aggregate" trigger for one "goal" in mission status screen

- making similar thing by trigger "doctrine"

I don't want to teach about every option in menu etc because if you are determined you will learn about it in 30 minutes or less.

From 16:35 is mission test.

Bayu Pamungkas 12-29-2019 12:18 PM

Hi sir @p7p8, I would like to ask you :

1. How to make an AI surface ship launches a helicopter if she suspicious about player's submarine presence? So after she detects the submarine/ an attack from submarine she sends the helicopter. But if the helicopter can not find the submarine after XX time, how to make the helicopter back to the ship? So the helicopter will not runout of fuel and crashing into the sea. After the helicopter back to the ship is it posible to launch it again if the ship detects the submarine for the second time (repeating the cycle)?

2. How to detect very quiet ssk crawling at 3 knots or less passively? I made a test to detect a Type 212 at 3 knots with TB-29 sonar. It is still undetected even at range 1 nm. (Sea state 1, clear weather, rock seabed)

#I use RA 1.49.

p7p8 12-29-2019 03:28 PM

1. AI do this automatically - i dno't know details. I know only:
- AI can launch helicopter when detect threat themself or from link
- Helo will land automatically when low fuel or take any damages (even 1%)
- AI can repeat helo launching
(but i test it long time ago so i cannot confirm this for current RA version)

2. Use active ping :)
Second option is to use HF sonar - for some submarines range is 3 nmi.
Third option is to use UUV or MOSS/Korund

I don't use TB-29 because i prefer higher tactical speed and aggresive style of playing. High speed gives you better chances for torpedo evasion. Aslo if you ping - enemy sub probably launch toprdo at you - so speed will also help you to avoid attack.

Of course TB-29 could be handy for slow ELINT missions - but i don't like this kind of scenarios. In MP sessions staying long time in the same place (or moving very slowly) is deadly option - especially if you play against player on surf + helo or MPA. Dececting slowly moving sub is only matter of time.

Bayu Pamungkas 12-29-2019 07:09 PM

Thank you.😀

1. For ai tactic. if I put "random box", will they do strange behavior? Like a sub/ship grounding on the beach, going cavitate without reason, or going out of the predefined box.

2. Can a ship/sub rearm/refresh the weapon during mission? It is kinda like simulating harbor/dock/tender ship rearming the sub/ship which out of ammo.

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