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BlenderAlien 07-22-2020 10:16 AM

Wolfpack - Breaking the Enigma Machine
Hello there!

Since the dev's may add player controlled destroyers, so real pvp,
i was wondering if I could break the in-game enigma machine.
That would be possible if I'd know the settings of each of the rotators.

So here's my question: Does anyone of you had the same thoughts?
Is there a way to reconstruct them?


Pisces 07-22-2020 06:21 PM

The ingame enigma is simplified from the real. Or historical simulations of it. You have no access to the switchboard, nor can you replace the specific rotors. So those symbol translations are fixed in a way. Set the rotors and record the outcome of the keys pressed. The thing that is missing is the secret determining the starting state of the rotors. They had daily/part of day secret codes with which they encrypted a custom chosen code. This is a human element that may work for you (if they are noobs in cryptography) or against you (if they know how to hide their 'salt'). This reduced complexity of this implementation would make it theoretically simpler to bruteforce your attack. (26x26x26x26 combinations of rotorstate and keys pressed) But I doubt it is useful in the short time of a game. Feel free to break your head on it though.

stellaferox 07-23-2020 02:55 AM

As an ENIGMA enthusiast (I built a machine myself) I can tell you it is fairly undoable. In Silent Hunter 5 with TWoS mod a fully functional ENIGMA machine is implemented in the game but isn't used that much. You have to know the rotornumbers, initial rotorsettings, codesettings, codename of the period etc. If you want to know more of ENIGMA I can point you in the direction of some interesting sites as well as advise you to read " The hut six story" by the very same guy who was (among others) responsible for breaking the code during the war: Gordon Welchman.

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