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Dowly 08-02-07 01:20 PM

Rofl @ the last one. :rotfl:

HunterICX 08-03-07 03:27 AM

:rotfl: that last one!
good one!:up:

Jimbuna 08-03-07 04:56 AM

Was that last one the Dutch Airforce undergoing manouvres ? :hmm:


HunterICX 08-03-07 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by jimbuna
Was that last one the Dutch Airforce undergoing manouvres ? :hmm:


:hmm: Jimbuna, enlighten me, what are you trying to tell me :lol:

Jimbuna 08-03-07 06:07 AM


Originally Posted by HunterICX

Originally Posted by jimbuna
Was that last one the Dutch Airforce undergoing manouvres ? :hmm:


:hmm: Jimbuna, enlighten me, what are you trying to tell me :lol:

Airman "but sir, the enemy are that way (pointing towards his plane)

Officer "never mind, keep marching alongside me, the war will be over in 4 or 5 days anyway" ;)

Oberon 08-04-07 06:56 PM

"Godspeed back to France, Fritz, I'm off home..."

Stealth Hunter 08-04-07 08:23 PM

Enjoy the backgrounds.

Jimbuna 08-04-07 08:27 PM

Great shots :rock:

Kratos 08-05-07 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by jimbuna
Great shots :rock:

What would you know ??
you only look at sub pics :lol:
about time you got the joystick off the lad and joined in!!!
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Jimbuna 08-05-07 08:16 AM

He's flying to New York next ya never know ;)

Kratos 08-06-07 06:18 PM

Damn i'm so unhappy. forgot to switch on (record track) was doing a bit zero bashing on the pearl harbour raid2. Wasn't having much success like previous misions, then i thought back to a comment that Chock mentioned ''take em to the hills'' and do a bit of low flying,to see if i could shake the four little buggers off. wasn't having much luck and behold i saw the bridge over the river and decided to try my luck and go under , hehe two of them followed. One crapped the bridge smack in the middle, and the other lost control i turned back got the third , but sadly didn't notice the fourth zero coming over the ridge, as i turned tail he followed and got a few bursts out and rendered me useless bailed out and had a long bloody swim back home again.:cry:
:damn: I always record my tracks :damn:

Biggles 08-06-07 06:32 PM

Wow! The buggers never follows ME under bridges!?:o

Chock 08-06-07 11:49 PM

Couple from FS9 and FSX

:D Chock

Biggles 08-07-07 02:46 AM

looks cool. I hope you can fly around the world just like you could in FS2000, otherwise I see little need of buying FSX. Wish I had some pics too.....

Chock 08-07-07 11:44 AM

An innovation of FSX is that it does now model the world as round and has increased the altitude up to which you can now go.

This means you can indeed now fly realistically to any point on the Earth and has enable the Space Shuttle (seen on a recent thread) to be modeled, but the change in how things are done is what is slowing down development of add-on scenery and aircraft.

The main reason to buy FSX (apart from this) is that it models atmospheric effects much better. plus it has innovative support for scripted 'adventures' too, so things like thermal activity along with improved real-time downloads of real-world weather from meteorological stations is much improved. it is a much better 'flight simulator' than its predecessors.

It's a frame-rate hog though, that's for sure.

:D Chock

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