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Arclight 01-20-11 02:17 PM

Love the Tomcat. :yep:

Think I spend more time in Fleet Command directing flights of F-14s about than tasking the fleet. :lol:

Bit of free-flying in the Ka-50.

Oberon 01-20-11 03:15 PM

Eventful flight this one, but not for reasons based in FSX...

So, load up FSX and set the time and weather to current, spawn myself in my Spit at Duxford with everything off. So, here we go, Master switch on, IFF on, Nav Lights on, Reflective sight on, computer off...huh?

Bloody power cut!! :damn:

Five minutes later the power goes back on again, so we try again and this time make it all the way from Duxford to Norwich...bit of a messy landing, stalled her on approach but managed to wrestle her back to the level before the wheels hit the ground, so a heavy landing but nothing broke so that's something. Taxi'd around, got a little lost and had to do a U-turn, but made it to the parking spot, parked up, started shutting down...and the computer reset... :doh:
Flying over Cambridgeshire on the way to Norfolk
Coming in to Norwich airport

yubba 01-20-11 04:36 PM

how would you like this guy sneakin up on you ?

Dowly 01-20-11 06:40 PM

OK, now remember: TAKE IT EASY! You haven't flown in awhile.

Oh good, it's starting to get back to me. Let's try a quick turn!

Hmm.. this doesn't feel right.

Not right at all!


Phew... that was a close one. You gotta stay firm and show who's the boss! Yeah, I'M THE BOSS!!

It's getting late, better head back. Landing gear... down. Mother Earth, here I co-

TarJak 01-24-11 06:53 AM

Better luck next time Dowly.:D

Mirror Mirror:

Dowly 01-24-11 02:22 PM

Wallpaper from DCS:A-10

Full size (1440x900):


And first composition in a veeeeeeery long time. (too lazy to resize it, deal with it. :O:)

Oberon 01-25-11 10:40 AM

So, I started work on the Malta campaign...

Arclight 01-25-11 10:45 AM


HunterICX 01-25-11 11:01 AM

Promising :-?:o


Oberon 01-25-11 02:46 PM

CCIP 01-25-11 08:31 PM

What just happened there? :o

MH 01-25-11 10:19 PM

I found some old pictures of Falcon sim i used to fly.

Arclight 01-26-11 06:49 AM

Very nice mission, lot of assets. Orbit near target area, clear in SEAD, destroy targets, clear in helos, stay on overwatch untill they complete objective, RTB.
Hawg 2; 2x A-10C on overwatch after "leveling the playing field".
Wizard; E3-A AWACS on station.
Colt 2; 2x F-15C on CAP.
Dodge 1; 2x UH-60A RTB after inserting special forces at the objective.
Uzi 21; OH-58D RTB after serving as AFAC throughout the mission. (guess technically it's a Kiowa Warrior)

Not pictured: Texaco; KC-135 available for refueling. Enfield 2; 4x Tornado IDS, all ships lost to SAMs after providing succesfull SEAD at target. All pilots ejected, they were the only friendly assets lost during the mission.

Arclight 01-26-11 09:01 AM

Aerial refueling 101:

Don't lose your temper.

Bloody satisfying though. :D

Damo 01-26-11 11:20 AM

My favorite plane, PMDG 737NG:

737-700 in my Virtual Airline's Low Cost livery:

767 cruising above the Atlantic, States bound:

Landing at Leeds Bradford EGNM, 737-700:

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