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Skybird 12-03-2012 08:01 PM

Germany's new IFV and APC: Boxer and Puma replacing Fuchs and Marder
A 20 minutes-documentary (IN GERMAN) on the new German IFV, Puma, described as the most modern IFV to date and the first with true hunter-killer-capability like MBTs have(really?).

Interesting is the second part. From 5:15 on you will see the description of the traning simulator for the Pumas, which in fact is just the equipment packed into four boxes that gets installed into just any Puma - and turning that Puma into a cabin simulator with VR-headgear for the crew. You can compare the graphics with those of SBP. After watching this, I am quite pessimistic that the Germans will ever buy SBP. Not because SBP is bad in comparison, but because they actually have something like SBP, but with better hardware integration - and without depending on stationary cabin simulators like they use for Leopards.

I would love to have that SIAM kit for my home TV.


And this is about the Boxer GTK, with module for the control-and-command version. It is meant to replace the Fuchs. Again described to be the most modern of its kind worldwide. But: its the official Bundeswehr channel, so "optimistic exaggeration" comes as part of the deal, I assume.

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