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Oberon 04-16-2014 11:25 AM


Originally Posted by HunterICX (Post 2198049)
The whole SAR thing is nice but eventually will bog down the mission in time and what if the Huey gets shot down..who is going to save him :O:?

Well the Huey would have immunity from the rescue thing, but yeah you do have a point about it bogging down in time, but it's a case of trying to find something for the Hueys to do, especially in the training mission.

That being said, if the Hueys could land troops at the airfield, that would be pretty awesome and would help the convoy take it...

Arclight, do-able?

Schroeder 04-16-2014 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by Oberon (Post 2198218)
Arclight, do-able?

You should ask the Hueys whether that's do-able.;)
Last time I went near that airfield a tank used me for target practise. :shifty:

Maybe we should assign an A10 for Huey escort. In Vietnam rescue choppers where accompanied by Skyraiders, Corsairs and the like which blew up pretty much the entire area around the landing zone to make it safe for the heli.

Arclight 04-16-2014 03:42 PM

Could fake it well enough. Have a Huey touch down somewhere and spawn a squad nearby. Not pretty, but somewhat functional.

Doesn't really fly in the current scenario, on account of manpads, but could work it in in the future.

Oberon 04-16-2014 07:20 PM
Hunter, Arclight and Schroeder start up their Kamovs and Huey respectively
While Raptor and I line up for launch
Arclight takes off and powers towards the convoy to engage it before it is hit by the enemy, Hunter ejects and leaves. Raptor and I form up and head towards the airbase.
I take out the SAM sites, and Raptor rolls in hot with his A10. Then we get a warning from Arclight that he's not going to be able to get to the convoy in time due to a delay in take off. So, although I'm winchester I still have guns, so me and Raptor divert to assist Arclight.
I find the convoy when SAMs start flying past me, so I hit the deck, and go for a spot of strafing. Raptor joins in the fun and takes out a couple of tanks, Arclight then arrives and starts hitting the convoy with Vikhirs. After a few MG rounds rattle around my airframe I decide to RTB.
While we're focused on hitting the ground forces, the Hinds come in and get the drop on Arclight.
The AAA from the friendly convoy downs one of the Hinds, but not before it relieves Arclight of some of his aircraft
Raptor finds the other Hind and puts it in the sea
So, as we turn back to base, I have some damage around the nose and engine
Raptor has some holes in his fuselage and wing
And Arclight...yeah...less said about that the better...

Oberon 04-16-2014 07:31 PM
Landing...looking good this time...
Raptor shows how it's done
Before falling to his old nemesis the quicksand grass
Schroeder rubs it in by landing his Huey nearby and taking off again
All eyes turn to the sky as Arclight limps in
Arclight lands successfully but complains that his hand hurts, so Schroeder medivacs him
Arclight is evacuated onto the Antonov, to be taken away for expert surgery on his aching hand.

HunterICX 04-17-2014 06:45 PM

Flying with Arclight & Schroeder to the target range

After some epic switching of data link info about targets we designated to eachother it was time to give the ground targets what they wanted

*noms popcorn*


in formation ofcourse.

Arclight 04-17-2014 08:04 PM

Pulled these from last nights track;

How he managed to miss me 4 times with the missiles I'll never know.

I hate Hinds.

Schroeder 04-18-2014 07:30 AM

Under these circumstances "Hindsight" gets a completely new meaning.:O:

Oberon 04-18-2014 01:21 PM
After about three aborted starts I finally get Windows for Warthog working and join Raptor on the runway.
We then head into the heavily defended airfield to take out the retrospect doing this after not flying the A10C in over a year was not a wise move...
Raptor receives the same welcoming treatment a few minutes later.
The aircraft refuses to restart its engines so it's time for a swim...
Meanwhile, the Hinds, disappointed that they don't get to attack Arclight this evening, both go out to sea and deploy their landing gear...
And one after the other, plunge into the sea...
Hunter returns to base, so Raptor begins to conduct science.
Raptor: "Well...I seem to have dropped a bomb."
Hunter: "Oh...where?"
Raptor: "I'm not really sure..."
Hunter: "I'm sure it'll drop somewhere..."
Raptor: "Yeah...somewhere..."
HunterICX was killed by GBU-31 from Arctic-fox
Arclight then encourages Raptor to put the tanker out of its misery
Raptor then christens the control tower in true Lolwaffle style.

Schroeder 04-18-2014 01:46 PM

Nothing about the ultra epic Huey vs. SU25 battle and it's glorious outcome for the Huey???

Oberon 04-18-2014 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by Schroeder (Post 2199093)
Nothing about the ultra epic Huey vs. SU25 battle and it's glorious outcome for the Huey???

Fine...Fine... :nope:

I was trying to forget that...

If my oversimplified Air to air system had bothered to work I would have had you, as it was, half the time I couldn't even see you until tracers starting flying past my cockpit. :nope:

Oberon 04-23-2014 07:22 PM
So, tonight we have a new mission, a valley of AAA trucks with the final boss being a compound in which the Huey has to disgorge some SpecFor. Myself and Hunter take the Kamovs, Schroeder the Huey and Arclight and Raptor A10Cs.
Our first customer is spotted by Schroeders gunner who lights him up, I follow the tracers and put the AAA truck out of its misery with my cannon.
I then play chicken with a passing truck
Another AAA truck takes out Schroeder and then starts firing on Hunter, I spot it and give it the cannon treatment.
Hunter, on the other hand, has had cannon treatment of his own...
He makes a good landing however, as I continue up the valley to my eventual doom.
Schroeder, by this time, has returned, and brought some chain guns with him...
He takes some damage in the pass but knocks out the AAA truck
Arclight, meanwhile, has a few problems of his own....
Myself and Hunter take off again and head back up the valley while Arclight passes underneath us on his way back to base.
Shortly after this screenshot was taken I adjusted position in my seat due to my arse being numb, and then my rotor blades fell off... :hmmm:

Oberon 04-23-2014 07:32 PM
Since it's getting late and the session is winding down, I take the Froggie out of the hanger, while Arclight approaches on finals.
He lands, then rolls off the runway into the quicksand, his landing gear retracting itself, leaving his ladder to prop up the entire aircraft.
Schroeder, meanwhile, puts down safely as Zirran works his way through a selection of Huey and Kamov spare parts.
Zirran...lands...sort of...
Then Arclight left...and interesting things began to happen...such as this...KAMOVS IN SPACE!
Hunter was shot at by another AAA truck, he carefully sidestepped around it, and then took it out with cannons...and...then...disappeared...
Zirran meanwhile decorated the FARP with signal rockets
Schroeder: I wonder how much of that manoeuvring is input and how much is lag
Raptor: If that was input he'd have been killed by n-
Zirran: *blade-strike* *crash*

HunterICX 04-23-2014 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by Oberon
Hunter was shot at by another AAA truck, he carefully sidestepped around it, and then took it out with cannons...and...then...disappeared...
I just didn't expect the Spanish Internet disconnection :stare:

HunterICX 04-25-2014 04:12 AM avoid the
whenever our main Host isn't available on Wednesday and Thursday.

We should post the missions we create in this thread so we can grab them and when needed use them to at least host a server with a appropiate mission.

Also it gives us the mission file to tinker with in the editor to alter it a bit so yeh it's still the same mission objective but stuff may be moved around or added to ruin your day if you're not careful. (I'll have to look into how the editor works to create some and alter some missions) Save them and rename them like Certaindeath.mis (original) to CertaindeathV1.mis and the host just doesn't tell which he runs.

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