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Dowly 05-19-10 06:13 PM


Arclight 05-19-10 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by Dowly (Post 1397453)
The only problem I had was that Arc was my teacher. :DL

If you just did manual start like the big boys, we wouldn't have these misunderstandings. :O:

But yeah, you're picking it up quite nicely. Didn't get beyond flipping switches on my first day, so I'd say getting the hang of actually flying the bitc... Shark is good progress.

Nice shot. :salute:

Task Force 05-19-10 09:01 PM

I really need to get back into DCS, my RTS games have been really takeing all my time from my Sims...

Dowly 05-20-10 05:47 AM

Now that I got the FF working it's a breeze flying the thing, tho still can't really start a hover. :-? Or shoot anything except buildings. :O:

Arclight 05-20-10 09:08 AM

As far as the weapons system goes:

For rockets and guns in static mode:
Enable master arm
Select weapon

Reticle pops up on the HUD to aim with.

For tracking (gun and Vikhr)
The above + Uncage Skvahl (display comes alive and you can pan the view around)
Enable laser
Lock target in Skvahl

Line up the helo with target and launch; you'll see a reticle over the target, indicating where the Skvahl is looking, and a larger circle that indicates Vikhr launch window. Gun is a bit more forgiving since it has some degree of free movement.

Enable the laser before locking to get a range. Doesn't matter for Vikhr since it just flies down the beam (no need to lock either, technically), but the gun needs range information. Gun will also properly leed a moving target (if locked).

Range gets stored and changes as you pan around, but this is based on calculations, not actual laser-ranging. Laser-ranging is updated everytime you press the lock button. If you have a group of targets close together, lock 1 to get range and then just pan the Skvahl over next target and fire.

Be carefull with the laser: disable it when you don't need it and try to keep the use of the range finder limited, or it will burn out. First indications of it failing are usually inaccurate rangings and Vikhr loosing track for no aparent reason.

Dowly 05-20-10 01:32 PM


Oberon 05-20-10 01:35 PM


SAM Inbound!


Task Force 05-20-10 02:18 PM

Left engine fire

Right engine fire

Eject Eject

Lionclaw 05-20-10 03:42 PM

Arclight and me coming out of the valley at high speed.

In formation with Arclight

Me and Dowly.

Dowly 05-21-10 03:43 AM

If you look veeery closely, you can see me with the cockpit door open doing a helicopter at Lionclaw. :haha:


Lionclaw (sry about the sky :-?)

Arclight 05-21-10 07:07 PM

Taxi fail. :nope:

Stealth Hunter 05-23-10 08:08 PM

SgtPotato 05-24-10 07:25 AM

You guys are having fun with DCS Black Shark. I want to try it. :rotfl2:

Dowly 05-24-10 07:55 AM

Yeh it's fun. Just takes some time to get used to. Your first challenge is to fly the darn thing, you gotta remember that helo in it's natural state is out of control. Fortunately the Kamov has pretty nice autopilot functions that keep the helo somewhat under control, but even with them on prepare to crash alot in the beginning. Once you learn to fly a bit then you have to keep an eye out for the dreaded vortex that will suck you right into the ground if you're not awake.

After you can fly the thing, then it's time to learn to shoot stuff which is luckily much easier.

PS. Don't be scared of the number of switches and buttons, you don't need but a fraction of them to fly and shoot stuff. :yep:

Dowly 05-24-10 08:33 PM


Arc & I

Circling around as Arc lands

Refuelled and ready to go

On the return trip we came under fire from the coast; enemy convoy. Arc here going down, I followed soon after (had spent all my flares just for the fun of it earlier :oops:)

Arclight 05-24-10 08:52 PM

Bloody Shilka. Told ya there was a convoy coming through soon, didn't I? :lol:

Making some waves on the way home after wiping out insurgent facility.

I yelled "missile!", but yeah, doesn't do much good if he ain't got no flares. :haha:

Task Force 05-24-10 08:55 PM

Lol, I really need to get back into blackshark...

So, when do youall fly? never done Blackshark MP.

Arclight 05-24-10 09:14 PM

Just occasionally, but could organize it a bit more. I just threw together a mission with several target sites and a convoy heading for your base, fairly straightforward. Nice to practice a bit, without those frustrating things like an enemy helo or plane blowing you away (Shark barely has capability to engage helo, none for fixed-wing).

Could post in BS thread when I'm running a mission. Regulars now are Dowly and Lionclaw, 4th slot available, so feel free to drop in... guess I'll add a few more slots in case we need them. :hmmm:

SgtPotato 05-24-10 10:22 PM

Bought Black Shark! :rock:

Arclight 05-24-10 11:05 PM

Good. Now learn to fly all over again. :D

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