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Oberon 07-23-12 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by Herr-Berbunch (Post 1913092)
Shame I missed it, looks like a lot of hanging around blowing up took place. :)

Fixed that for you.

[501]Otto 07-23-12 02:40 PM

Kptlt. Neuerburg 07-23-12 08:11 PM

Top notch shots as always Otto:salute:.

Task Force 07-24-12 12:28 PM

yay! i managed to start my A 10!

And I get to the runway, looking things over when... DAMN YOU!!! You... you... YOU Hind Bastard!!!

Dowly 07-24-12 02:19 PM

I get that same thing occasionally.. though it's not because a Hind, but because I forgot to turn the APU off. :haha:

[501]Otto 07-24-12 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by Kptlt. Hellmut Neuerburg (Post 1913293)
Top notch shots as always Otto:salute:.

Thanks, mate:03:

Dowly 07-26-12 02:07 PM

'Live Bait' skin by Ali_Fish, love that reflective metal surface. :rock:

Herr-Berbunch 07-26-12 06:57 PM

Herr-B's first 60 seconds in a (sat on the runway, ready to go) P-51. :nope:

It's another beautiful model by DCS, just at the moment it handles for me like a kids helium-filled balloon in a wind tunnel. It's like I'm rolling the stick around in a circle, which I'm not. Ah well, it's late, tutorials are for another day. :)

Dowly 07-27-12 02:36 AM

The take off is a PITA at times. :yep: Few things that may or may not help:

- The P-51 really REALLY wants to go to the left during take off, so either apply
rudder manually or use rudder trim. Think I read from somewhere that currently
the rudder trim knob has a bug and that the recommended 5 degrees right rudder
is actually much more, so use something like 2-3 trim.

- The tailwheel works as such: Pulling the stick back ties the TW to the rudder
controls, however it can only turn 6 degrees to each side. Moving the stick
forward unlocks the wheel and lets it move around freely, but without any
direct control over it.

The campaign is great for training, it starts you with start-up & taxiing and gradually
moves to more challenging stuff like crosswind take off & landing etc.


[501]Otto 07-27-12 02:40 PM

Herr-Berbunch 07-27-12 04:02 PM

Dare I say your best yet? :hmmm:


Herr-Berbunch 07-27-12 07:01 PM

Luckily a speed of nearly 300 (mph/kts/kph?) meant I could get some height and lower the gear, I just couldn't get back to the runway. Or land it anywhere near level. :wah:

U570 07-28-12 12:33 AM


Originally Posted by Herr-Berbunch (Post 1915056)
Or land it anywhere near level. :wah:

You can land it? :o:huh::O:

Schroeder 07-28-12 02:47 AM


Originally Posted by Herr-Berbunch (Post 1915056)

So that must be the infamous touch and go.:D

Herr-Berbunch 07-28-12 03:22 AM

I can show you the landing when I'm back at PC later. :O:

Although it is nose and wingtip first.

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