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jrb531 05-03-2021 11:04 AM

Let the banning begin!
Do not complain about SubSim's pet projects, aka Wolfpack. You have been warned. Bans are now the order of the day. Do not question the lack of progress, do not point out that there has been no substantial update since the release date over two years ago aside from maybe Bots.

This post will, of course, get deleted as soon at the Mod reads it.

In my case I make a post on Steam listing each patch, the date it was released and the content of the patch. I broke no rules, did not spam and was very civil but this post put Wolfpack in a bad light as it shows the lack of progress. Since SubSim has a vested interest in Wolfpack, the Mod stepped in and removed the post and banned me. I'm not the only one.

This game is dead and you all know it. Banning people who dare to complain will not get the Devs, long out of cash, to finish the game. You're getting mad at the wrong people.

SubSim has gone down the drain IMHO. Backing favorite games and acting as it's protector is a conflict of interest IMHO.

Oh well... free speech is dead... well at least free speech that they do not agree with.

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